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SMS vs. Email Marketing: Which is Best for Business?

Marketing is one of the essential requirements for small and big business corporations. Without proper marketing strategies, business organizations cannot survive long in rough economies like the United Arab Emirates.

So, the business owners keep pondering over their marketing options, which can earn them the attention and loyalty of their target audience.

SMS and email are the most common and effective marketing options. Although social media advertising is more popular, it does not target the overall population equally and only focuses on specific segments.

SMS and email marketing are also always in competition with each other, in light of end results scored by them.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn whether email or SMS marketing is a better option for your business.

Top 6 Pros That Make SMS Marketing the Best Option

SMS is one of the most popular and profitable marketing strategies in the present era.  It is equally favored by small and large business organizations, in addition to brands and entrepreneurs. However, it has a few pros and cons, which can help you make your decision wisely.

Here are the top pros of SMS advertising that make it the best option for your business.

1. Preferred by Customers

The customers often prefer SMS advertising. When they are asked to share their contact details for getting reminders and offers, they do not hesitate to share their mobile number. Most business organizations use this opportunity and hire the service of SMS advertising UAE based companies to share bulk, informative, and promotional messages to earn more profits.

2. Higher Opening Rate

The message opening rate of SMS advertising is greater than email marketing, which makes it much more effective.

3. Instant Customer Reach

Mobile phones are usually in the hands of users, and they get a notification for every new message. Due to this, SMS advertising has instant customer reach.

4. Immediate Response

Just like the higher opening rate of messages and their instant customer reach, they also promise immediate response when the receivers are given the option of replying.

5. Saves Time and Resources

SMS advertising saves time and resources, as sending bulk but short promotional messages are easier than composing long emails.

6. Allows Progress Tracking

SMS advertising helps the authorities track the progress by checking the response rate, as well as the interest of the target audience in the promotional service.

Cons of SMS Advertising:

SMS marketing comes with few cons, which mostly occur due to poor management. So, it can be said these are not cons but mistakes. Explore them to avoid them.

1. Services are Not Marketable

Sometimes the services are not marketable, for example, drugs and medication that serve as poison if used by common men. So, you cannot use SMS advertising for these.

2. Contact List is same for Years

One of the most common cons of SMS advertising is that is contact lists remain the same for years while the customers change their numbers. So, do not repeat this mistake. You can consult advertising companies and reach out to your target audience while updating the contact list once in a while.

Pros of Email Advertising:

The following are the pros of email marketing.

1. Variety of Testing Options

Email advertising offers a variety of testing options, in which A/B testing is on top of the list.

2. Low-Cost Strategy

Email is a low-cost strategy as it does not involve renewing the contact lists.

Cons of Email Advertising:

Here are some of the cons of email advertising, which limits its profitability and popularity.

1. Branded Messages Go in Spam

Most of the time, promotional messages from brands go straight into the spam list. The customers usually do not check the spam list and fail to know about offers.

2. Requires More Time and Resources

Compiling email addresses and long messages is not an easy task. It also requires more time and resources, which reduced its profitability.

3. Disapproved by Customers

Nobody likes to get irrelevant and promotional emails and only want to use email for professional dealing. So, email advertising is disapproved by customers.

4. Less Opening Rate

When people do not like something, they tend to ignore it. So, the opening rate of promotional emails is significantly low.

5. Lack of Personalization

Making emails personalized is quite difficult. Even if you try to do so, it will take a much longer time.

6. Fail to Get Response

Email advertising often fails to get a response from the target audience, which makes it unsuitable for promotional purposes.

SMS vs Email Marketing – Make your Choice Wisely!

Now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of SMS and email marketing, you have the option of making your decision. However, SMS marketing seems more profitable and effective as it has more positive points than email advertising. You can also consult professional services and pick the best option for marketing your business.