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Smart Saving Hacks to Help You Save Money Quickly

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Smart Saving Hacks

Learning to manage your money is a skill that most of us learn in our twenties after moving out of home and heading to a new city. And as you explore your new home in Chennai, you realise that money is constantly running out. It’s not your fault, there are just so many things that you want to buy or experience and those tend to add up. There’s the cost of your 1BHK in Chennai for rent, your daily travel and expenses, your entertainment costs and so much more.

You wish there was some way to actually cut down on your expenses without having to compromise your lifestyle. Well, there is, and that’s what we’re here to tell you about. With a few simple swaps and habits, you can tweak your routines and save yourself a lot of easy money. So, take a look and let your savings start now!

Change your phone plan

If there are two things that are synonymous with the age that we live in, its smartphones and offers. And those two unite when it comes to your phone plan. You might be thinking that you’re getting the best deal on your monthly phone because it’s the same one you’ve had over the years, but there’s a chance that that’s not true. Take a look at the frequency at which you recharge your phone first.

If you’re doing it every month or less, you’re actually paying more in the long run. Instead, invest in a three-month or half-year plan and you’ll end up with more savings. These days most phone plans tend to include text messages, calls and data. But if you find that you’re rarely using your daily data, or frequently exceeding the limit, it might be time to change the limit of your plan instead.

Don’t save your card details

You know every time you make an online purchase and put in your card information, there’s an option which says ‘save your card information for next time’? You need to uncheck that box. One of the major reasons why we end up making impulse purchases that we don’t really need are because they’re so easy. All you need to do is tap a button on your phone. But when you don’t have your payment information saved, it’ll take you a little more time to process your transaction. And this time could be the crucial element that you need to ensure that you rethink your decision to hit ‘buy now’.

Another way to do this is to leave what you want to buy in your shopping cart overnight. You might think that you really want a pair of shoes when you’re bored or can’t sleep, but do you still want them in the morning after you wake up with a clear head? Allowing some time to pass before you purchase the item often reduces your tendency to impulsively spend and helps you save big.

Think before you drink

When it comes to saving money, you probably turned to your food habits as the area where you could start saving first. Cutting down on eating out at restaurants or ordering takeaways always seems like a good way to save money. And that’s true, but have you ever considered how much money you’re spending on your drinks? While you’re likely to eat at a restaurant once or twice a week, beverages like tea, coffee, juice and soft drinks are probably items that you consume everyday. So, changing those habits are much more likely to have an impact on your savings.

Again, you don’t need to cut these out of your life altogether, simply consider some smart swaps to help you out. Replace your juice or soft drink intake with homemade infused water or fresh fruits instead. If you stop by a coffee shop every morning, replace that by buying their coffee blends and a travel mug and whipping up a drink at home. You’ll find that these replacements will end up saving you a lot of time and money and make you healthier too.

Cancel your gym membership

You’re a busy person. You barely have time to get your household chores done in your 1BHK house for rent in Chennai, let alone heading to the gym every day. Because the fact of the matter is that unless you’re a fitness junkie and really consistent with your gym habits, you’re probably spending too much money on that membership, especially when you factor in the time and money spent on commuting to the gym as well. This isn’t a very cost-effective approach to fitness.

Instead, you could try some free hand workouts, go for a run, or check out the local open air gyms in your neighborhood park. All of these options are free and will give you a chance to get out of your house or office and be amidst nature for a while. And that’s going to be a lot better for your overall health and fitness.

So, there you have it. These swaps and easy habits should help you increase your monthly savings in Chennai. Go ahead and give them a try. We’re sure they’re going to help you and your wallet a lot!