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Six Great Reasons to Add LED Office Light Fixtures to Your Office

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Unless you are specifically tasked with the lighting and heating of your office building, there isn’t too much likelihood that you’re already very familiar with the operation and benefits of LED light. That’s excusable, as office managers have enough on their plates already. Things like actually running the operations of an office come to mind.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to benefit office living and make your life easier down the line, switching over to LED office light fixtures may save you in the long run.

1. Save money on your energy bills

The first and most frequently cited benefit of LED lights is how energy efficient they are. They draw only a small fraction of the energy of other lighting options like incandescent or even fluorescent, which have been lauded for their efficiency in the past.

Because of their lower energy consumption, LEDs are much more efficient than other lighting solutions and can save you money on your energy bills.

2. Keep the cooling costs down in the office

LED lights also produce a lot less heat than other lights like incandescents which specifically come to mind. Because they produce less heat, they are less of a fire risk, but there is an even more tenable benefit to the lower heat production.

Offices need to spend money on cooling expenses in the summer, which in conjunction with lighting can become far too expensive. Switching to LEDs can help to keep your energy costs down, which can save your office a lot in the long run. Offices, commercial and other industrial settings have been getting in line with this trend, as the HID bulbs they sometimes use generate a lot of heat.

3. They last way longer!

LED lights will save you money upfront, but because they last many, many thousands of hours longer than traditional options, they will save you on replacements as well. That’s not to mention that you won’t even need to replace them as frequently simply because they’re going to last a long time.

4. They’re better for the environment

Incandescent lights are bad for the environment when they are laying broken in a landfill. Fluorescent lights and some HID lamps contain mercury and other harmful metals like mercury. LEDs have no harmful components and are better for the environment.

5. They’re less likely to go out on you

LED lights are not only longer-lasting than incandescent lights, but they’re physically tougher as well. Since they’re not actually true light “bulbs” in the traditional sense of the word, it’s nearly impossible to break them, too. There is no “bulb” to break.

6. They have a great range of color temperatures and start-up immediately

Finally, you can find almost any color temperature, color, luminosity, or directional lighting that you need for your office in LED lights. In addition, there is no delayed startup with LEDs, as there is sometimes with HID lamps or even some fluorescents. LEDs will turn on when you flip the switch. Add those to the list of strengths and advantages to LEDs – the list just keeps growing longer and longer.

Believe it or not, there are many more reasons than this – almost double, if you do your research. Nonetheless, you can expect these and others if you change out your current fixtures for LED office light fixtures. Whether your office space has a drop ceiling or needs LED panel lights, ceiling lights, replacements for fluorescent lights, or other types of lighting, you can find them at

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