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4 SEO Marketing Tips For Law Firms To Improve Their Business

SEO Marketing Tips For Law Firms To Improve Their Business

When it comes to the easiest way to drive more clients to a legal firm, Google is always the primary choice to make. Studies have indicated that around 96% of people asking for legal advice will use this search engine. Moreover, 74% of the customers will visit the website of the legal firm first to take noteworthy action. Now, the main issue is that every firm is well aware of these points and will invest heavily in website and SEO for Law Firms. This step has made legal space one of the competitive verticals in the SEO sector.

At this point, learning more about the small tweaks is all that you need for increasing the ranking of your legal firm. Not only that, but you have to start using the mandatory points to screen some bad proposals from some of the SEO companies.

Current state of Google for legalized queries:

The search results of Google keep on changing. There are around 19 types of results that will dominate the top spots of Google. This stage will apply to the legal space too. For example, while searching for DUI attorney of a particular city, you will come across paid ads, local results and organic results. Of the available organic results, half are aggregator sites. The competitions for those spots are rather tough and you have to be realistic enough about the campaign to adjust strategy as per the requirements.

SEO Marketing Tips For Law Firms To Improve Their Business

Apart from ranking websites, there are some other proven tactics available to increase organic exposure overall. Following some of the important SEO services for Lawyers tips can help you to improve your legal site well and with ease for sure.

In case, the firm is specializing in the Type 1 of law, then the structure of the site will be in a particular manner. Here, you need to use the exact match domain or EMD for covering the website of URL.

  • It is generally discouraged to use EMDs as it might cut down ability to rank for some of the added keywords. But, if you are generally performing one service only, then EMD will be the best way to move forward.
  • You need to start adding some of the servicing pages, which can drill down into the main notion or niche. By working on adding these service pages, you are making yourself eligible for the ranks on niche searches. The more content you end up creating, the better niche you are likely to capture.

For covering law firms offering multiple services at the same time:

In case, your legal firm is offering various services like corporate law, criminal law, business law and some more, then there will be a different structure for the site as well.

  • First of all, you need to use the branded domain and not the exact match domain as in the earlier stage. The law firm marketing agency will help you understand about this notion as well and in clear details.
  • Using EMD might send mixed signals to Google in this regard. It might cross two service categories, which will be confusing even more. So, it is always best to just use the law firm name as root or major domain.
  • Moreover, you better add service pages for every offering available. The main question is how Google will rank the home page for 10 multiple services? All you need to do is create a separate page for each service available. It helps in addressing your ability to rank for multiple offerings under one platform.
  • For capturing added traffic, you can try adding sub-service pages as well. Focusing towards the core of your business or services will help you capture some of the long tail searches.

In case, your legal firm comprises multiple offices then the structure will be somewhat different from what has been mentioned just now. Remember to follow the steps accordingly for better results.

  • For each of the office locations, you better add the city name in the URL. Most of the sites with multiple locations will add a separate page under “Locations.” In the present competitive section, this step helps in cutting off ability to rank in various cities.
  • In order to rank for the local searches, it is always mandatory to add the name of the city within the URL string. It requires you to create a new site for each site with an idea and help from a law firm marketing consultant as well.
  • This step will also ask you to rewrite content on site for avoiding duplication penalties.
  • Moreover, you might have to add a menu navigation to switch between the cities. There must be a way to inject the city into the URL. Some sites will perform this task via footer, and some would like to add it above the menu.
  • It helps in making the task a lot easier. Whenever the user clicks on the city link, the URL will shift to the selected spot. This step helps in creating proper hierarchy for the search engines to just understand how site and rank works for multiple locations.

To improve the legal business approach, following these simple yet accurate SEO tips is important. For the novices it is hard to understand, but not for the pros. So, make sure to get help from the experts to seal the deal.