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Sell Your Used iPhone With These Easy Steps

By now, most of us have one or two old smartphones laying around (and probably a few flip phones for that matter), and it’s any wonder what to actually do with them. Do you hold onto them for sentimental purposes, give them away to friends, junk them, or give them back to your service provider?

If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is actually sell your used iPhone and make some money on it. Instead of tossing them or letting them rot inside a drawer somewhere, these old devices can actually fetch a decent price if you know how to sell them properly.

Even an iPhone that is several years old is still valuable. Though you may have long since moved on from the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus, there are thousands of people around the world who still use these devices every day, and with great success as well. Apple makes high-quality phones, so you can get quite a bit of mileage out of them. This makes them valuable when it comes to reselling, because there’s people out there at this very moment who are hunting around for affordable iPhone 7s and 8s. These classics aren’t going out of style any time soon, and many trade-in websites out there are happy to offer a gift card for trading in your old phone.

This gives you a rare opportunity to make a little extra money if you follow these easy steps for selling your iPhone.

Step 1: Assess Your Device
Obviously, if your iPhone is broken, has a damaged screen, or is otherwise missing key functionality, it may not be the perfect candidate for selling. At the very least, you aren’t going to receive the best price for it because of the repairs that would have to be performed in order to prep it for resale. Make sure your device looks good and is functional before investing too much time and energy into selling it.

Step 2: Know Your Device
You will have a much easier time selling your device online if you know the make and model of your smartphone beforehand. While this seems relatively simple, especially if you are a tech person, you can all but ignore this step. However, if you went through many phones over the years, and you aren’t quite sure whether your phone is a 6 or a 6S Plus, for instance, you can check this by venturing into the phone’s settings. All you have to do is open Settings, go to General, and go to the About menu to learn what device it is that you have. This makes the selling process a lot easier.

Step 3: Sell Your Used iPhone!
It’s really this easy. Once you know the make and model of your phone, head over to Mac Me an Offer and use their Mac Estimator Tool to get an estimate of what your device is worth. This is where you input what model iPhone you have. Once you do this, you can simply initiate a trade-in right then and there. Easiest method online by far!

If you want to sell your used iPhone and make some money in the process as easy as possible, all you have to do is check out Mac Me an Offer.