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8 Ways Scorpio and Aquarius Are Strangely Compatible

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Scorpio and Aquarius

Generally, Scorpio and Aquarius are not considered to be good matches. Scorpio is a Water sign, and Aquarius is an Air sign. In their own ways, both signs are not very easy to get along with. In the case of Scorpio, it is their ‘love them or hate them’ approach that puts people off. And in the case of Aquarius, it is their eccentric, highly independent, and aloof nature that comes in the way of relationships.

Aquarius is a sign that is very difficult to understand. People born under this sign are often rebellious and emotionally distant. As for Scorpios, they are seen as mysterious, highly sexed, and dangerous to cross.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the natural Zodiac. It is all about openness, friendship, free-thinking, and intelligence. Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius has many unique abilities. From Uranus, they inherit their love of freedom of expression, and also the ability to envision new possibilities. Saturn, too, gives Aquarius the gift of the invention and high intelligence. Aquarians are independent thinkers who think differently from others and create their own paths.

8 Ways Scorpio and Aquarius Are Strangely Compatible

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the Zodiac. Scorpio energies are all about passion, logic, bonding, and mystery. Scorpio has 2 planetary rulers – Mars and Pluto. While Mars is a “hot” planet, Pluto is very cold. So this hot/cold polarity characterizes Scorpios. Like Pluto, people born under Scorpio are quite mysterious. Very focused, and they have an obsessive nature. At the same time, they are very empathetic and passionate. Scorpios have strong and dominant personalities. They are also very intense and prone to jealousy.


Despite the differences in temperament, Aquarius and Scorpio share a deep and enduring emotional connection. They are attracted to one another, based on their need for trust and companionship, and their practicality. Both signs are very independent.

Scorpios can act distant at times, making their loved ones feel ignored. But Aquarius will understand, as they also need a lot of space. Despite the powerful physical intimacy they share, they may be so deeply engrossed in their own stuff that their physical connection may fade away. So, they should make time for each other.

2. Physical Intimacy

The sexual energy between them is often explosive. Mars and Pluto bestow intense and mysterious energy to Scorpio that makes them magnetic. Not many signs can handle the intensity. But the playful Aquarius will see it as a challenge.

And like Scorpio, they love trying out new things in the bedroom. The fact that they are fixed signs also helps the chemistry along. They will nudge each other out of their respective comfort zones. Scorpio’s intuition will help them understand the Aquarian partner’s physical needs.

3. Trust 

The Aquarius native’s open and detached persona can initially hinder trust. Scorpio will be able to penetrate deep into Aquarius’ psyche. But first, the communication between them has to be good. Both signs are known for their roving eyes.

While Aquarius is impulsive, Scorpio is more calculating. They are likely to cheat unless they have promised each other not to. And even if they have promised, they will let their eyes wander. If anyone is likely to throw a tantrum about this, it is most likely Scorpio, who is the possessive and jealous type.

4. Communication

Despite their shared interests, they are not quick to bond, for the simple reason that Scorpio doesn’t trust anyone easily, though Aquarius has a more open nature. Aquarians are also dispassionate in conversation, while Scorpios seek an emotional connection. Aquarius has a tough hide, but Scorpio feels easily wounded, though they will hide their feelings from the world.

They need to focus on this area in the early days of their relationship, for the relationship to survive. They love to discuss politics, current events, science, social justice, and spirituality. It is their intrinsic differences that make their conversations interesting. One area of friction is Scorpio’s tendency to get obsessive.

5. Intellect

Scorpio and Aquarius make a smart and very intellectual couple. Aquarius focuses on the present and the future. They are always exploring new possibilities and trying to engineer change. Scorpios are similar, but they are more interested in the afterlife. Current events and the future are the hot topics of conversation for them. Aquarius is clever in math and science, while Scorpio excels in language and psychology. Thus, one sign’s strengths complement the other’s weaknesses.

6. Shared interests

Shared interests contribute to their strong compatibility. Both love to explore what makes things tick. Aquarius loves to question conventional wisdom and is interested in science and politics. Scorpio shares similar interests, along with the occult. Their sense of adventure impels them to travel.

They also fancy the outdoors, and while Aquarius likes mountains, Scorpio prefers water bodies. Both like dramas, historical movies, and comedies when it comes to entertainment. Among the two, it is Aquarius who initiates new things. Both are also into exercise and team sports.

7. Values

Aquarius values independence more than anything else. They want to achieve success without relying on charity or handouts. They are truth-seekers and truth-tellers. Loyalty is paramount for them. They will drop everything they are doing to help their loved ones.

They always look for the best in others and are ready to give people a second chance. They are humanitarians who want to do their bit to make the world a better place. If you are fighting for a just cause, your Aquarian friend will be the first to support you, no questions asked.  

Scorpio is the best person to have at your side when you are in trouble. They will face any danger without fear and will be the first to volunteer to help their friends. Scorpio is deeply committed to the people they care about. Their trust is not easy to earn, but once you earn it, they will do anything for you.

Scorpios are very honest and always tell the truth. They despise dishonesty in others. They dislike people who cheat and steal. They are very focused on their goals. In their devotion to truth and their loyalty to loved ones, both Scorpio and Aquarius are on the same page, which makes them very compatible.

8. Money

The two signs are great with money, as they seek financial security, though Scorpio may be more intense about it. For them, money spells financial freedom. They are not spendthrifts but may have different ideas about spending money. For instance, Aquarius would prefer to spend it on causes dear to them. Scorpio has a tendency to hoard money. But they like to spend on personal care and their lovers. If they can accept these differences, they can avoid problems.

Thus, we can see that Scorpio and Aquarius are quite compatible in many ways. The relationship has the potential to be an enduring one. The Scorpio-Aquarius compatibility can be rated 6/10.