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The future of sports betting looks brighter than ever – modern trends in the gambling industry

 Most effective trends in sports betting of 2022 

Who would have thought that sports betting would be so much appreciated by people in the pandemic era? In regions, like the Republic of Cyprus it is not that easy to visit at least some kind of a sports event, due to safety concerns to prevent mass diseases. This is why so many people are happy to have an opportunity to use Parimatch betting Cyprus as this is the only way to enjoy gambling better than ever before. Such places, such as online sportsbooks, are visited by people who would like to not only test their luck but also regular fans of different kinds of sports. 

But it is very important to know what trends are among the top ones at the moment. Only those companies that have an idea of how to gain more attention from the audience with the help of new technologies can truly make their brand massively appreciated by gamblers from around the world and not only in Cyprus. 

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 Most effective trends in sports betting of 2022 

Sports betting has changed dramatically over the years. Each person in Cyprus has their own preferences in terms of sports and types of bets. Operators do their best to offer the best odds, offers, and incentives. Only in 2022 people start to get back to real stadiums to watch live events. There are a lot of things that modern companies are working on right now, to make sure that their sportsbook is going to be the best one for as many modern gamblers as possible. There are a couple of trends that companies are trying to follow:

  • Quick access to a lot of information;
  • Increase of the eSports markets;
  • Cryptocurrencies.

These trends deserve a better description. Not all people understand why such trends are so important.

Quick access to a lot of information

In modern sportsbooks, like Parimatch, bettors have access to the most important information on selected events. Big Data Technologies should be thanked for this. Players need to know what they are betting on, and why a certain team or player has a chance to win in a chosen event. Even though tons of events take place during a month and millions of people are making bets online, modern sportsbooks work perfectly.

Players can be sure that the results of bets are going to be fair and fast. Just when the event is finished, results are displayed on the site in the most accurate way. For such a major business, like sports betting, Big Data is a very important trend that should be followed by all major companies of the modern era.

Quick access to a lot of information

Increase of the eSports markets

In the early 2010s, it was really strange to see at least a couple of eSports events being listed in official sportsbooks, but nowadays it is a trend that continues to deliver. Millions of people from around the globe are watching Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games. It is not shocking that modern sports betting online platforms are trying to do their best in order to provide the most efficient way of presenting Esports.


Many people are concerned about placing a bet online because they are aware of their security. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, placing a bet should not be a problem anymore. Many operators allow people to make a deposit or withdrawal with the help of popular digital coins. This trend introduced bettors to fast and secured methods of making a payment online

Things to look forward to

Due to licensing issues, sportsbooks cannot fully introduce live streaming of major events via website or application, but in the future, the situation may change. Thanks to globalization and anti-monopoly measures, it is safe to say that online sports betting platforms should introduce a way to watch all events live simply by making at least some kind of a bet. It is really going to be that easy and it should become the next trend in this industry.