Role of Robots – COVID 19 Pandemic

Technology has played a crucial role in assisting humans in this worldwide battle. The battle against the novel Coronavirus that has taken over the world. But robotics is one of those major technological fields that has helped a great deal. This article will be focusing on the role of Robots during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

“Robots have the potential to be deployed for disinfection, delivering medications and food, measuring vital signs, and assisting border controls. Because of the escalation in epidemics, the potential roles of robotics are becoming increasingly clear,” it was published in the Science Robotics journal.

“For disease prevention, many hospitals are using robot-controlled non contact ultraviolet (UV) surface disinfection. This is because COVID-19 spreads not only from person to person via close contact respiratory droplet transfer but also via contaminated surfaces,” the study further noted.

Role of Robots - COVID 19


Since the past few months, technology has been assisting humans in tracking and containing this contagious virus. Currently, a large number of robots are taking over the job of tracking and keeping data of the consequences of the virus. And along with this, in many hospitals globally, robots are assisting not only the patients but also the healthcare workers.

We can deploy robots for disinfection, tracking vital signs, delivering medicines and food, and assisting in border controls. Thus in this way, robots are becoming a crucial part in the field of healthcare. Because they not only keep the patients safe but also the healthcare staff. With time, they will become a part of our lives and we will get accustomed to their existence.

As the number of epidemics escalate, the role of robotics is becoming crystal clear. During the 2015 Ebola outbreak, the National Science Foundation organised workshops in which they identified three broad areas where robotics could make a difference. And these were:

1. Clinical care (such as decontamination),

2. Logistics (such as delivery and handling of contaminated waste),

3. Tracking (such as monitoring the voluntary quarantines).

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom:

The robotic experts are working on a new project. But this project, they are claiming that it will be the first healthcare robot that can converse with multiple individuals at the same time. And the main aim of this design project is to help elders.

We’re uncertain about how long this pandemic will last. And how many more pandemics like this are yet to approach us in the near future. Because of this, experts believe that such mind-blowing design innovations could help in dealing with not only the current but also future disease outbreaks.

“You can imagine in the future that when you walk into a hospital waiting room, instead of encountering a human you encounter a robot that’s able to help you.” “That kind of hands-free, touch-free speech interface is really going to be in more demand,” said Oliver Lemon, a professor of Computer Science at Edinburg’s ‘Heriot-Watt University’.

United States of America:

In the Providence Regional Medical Center in Washington, the doctors are taking the assistance of a robot, which is equipped with a microphone, stethoscope and a camera. This ensures treatment of patients without coming into direct contact with them.


There was a sudden increment in the demand of the Disinfection Robot UVD. And this happened since the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus. A huge number of hospitals across the country are ordering these Robots. Because they have played a key role in controlling the virus in the epicenter of the virus, which is Wuhan. These Robots are manufactured by Denmark’s Blue Ocean Robotics.

To read more about UVD, visit its official page.


The Japanese startup ‘Mira Robotics’ had built a robot named ‘Ugo’. And the startup built this robot to help humans with household chores, especially laundry duties. But currently, because of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the company is offering the robot as a tool to fight Covid 19.

“The coronavirus has created a need for robots because they can reduce direct contact between people,” said Ken Matsui, CEO of Mira Robotics, during his company’s workshop in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. “We’ve had inquiries from overseas, including from Singapore and France.”

The startup has added a new feature to the robot. This is a hand attachment that uses UV light to kill viruses on door handles. Ugo’s height can be adjusted as per different doors. And it moves from place to place on wheels.

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