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Retaining Your Organization’s Top Talent with Desk Booking Software with Nortel Meridian PBX Support

Nortel meridian PBX

Any organization would agree that finding the right person with the right talent to work in their company is one of the most significant factors contributing to its growth and success. Having the right talent, coupled with the appropriate tools and resources, could advance the company to new heights. Therefore, companies need to provide their team members with the right tools to perform their tasks efficiently.     

Desk booking is a desk-sharing strategy and flexible working arrangement that can combine hoteling and hot-desking that suit a specific office space and culture. This strategy is the best use with a desk booking software that allows team members to check desk availability and reserve their preferred available workspace. They can book a space for an hour, a day they intend to work at the office.

Desk booking software with Nortel support displays the real-time status of desk and room availability, so you won’t need to spend so much time looking for an available room or table. When you book a space and equipment, the Nortel meridian PBX ensures that the equipment and telephone will be assigned at the exact desk you reserved. This way, you can avoid stress and hassle so you can immediately start your work.

DeskFlex desk booking software aims to increase team members’ productivity and resolve many workplace issues such as double bookings, reservation conflicts, no-shows, and team member turnover.

What is Nortel meridian PBX?

As mentioned above, Nortel meridian PBX can help desk booking’s effectiveness. But let’s first discuss its definition and benefits.

Nortel meridian PBX is a private exchange telephone switching system. It provides data connectivity, advanced voice features, computer telephony integration (CTI), LAN communications, and data services for communication apps ranging from 60 to 80,000 lines. As a switch box set, an organization uses the Nortel to transfer the telephone line from one desk to another desk when someone’s book a desk.

How Desk Booking Software Helps Managers Retain Their Most Valuable Asset?

Team member turnover can be expensive for any employer. It is because there are 51% of employees are continuously looking for a new job at any given time, according to Gallup’s 2015 Workforce Panel study. When your team members leave, you need another hiring and training process that makes it costly. That is why it is one of the primary concerns of all businesses’ size. Statistics say that the percentage of team member turnover increases over time. That makes it alarming for many companies. Luckily, there are ways you can do to decrease its rate.

These are the ways on how to retain your team members and save you costs.

1. Encourage flexibility

2. Level up your team member engagement strategy.

3. Create an enticing program for recent college grads.

4. Ensure your onboarding processes are as streamlined as possible.

5. Provide frequent constructive criticism and praise.

6. Invest in consumer-grade tools and technology for all of your employees.

7. Eliminate unnecessary barriers in the workplace.

8. Offer opportunities for professional development and continuing education.

Most of the employees who don’t stay long at a company are the modern workforce. They want flexibility and mobility that allow them to work remotely at flexible hours and choose where they work. They need constant improvement in their work, such as technology and programs that they will benefit from in the end. Also, they want to continuously grow by developing their talents, skills, and education.

In return, your flexible workers will be happier and more productive. Don’t be afraid to change your organization’s way and give your top talent what they want. DeskFlex desk booking software that Nortel support will help you along the way. Because in no time, you will see that they will stick around longer and positively impact your business.