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Relish Mouth-Watering Street Foods in the Eateries of Dubai

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Mouth-Watering Street Foods in the Eateries of Dubai

Dubai is the second most important city in the United Arab Emirates. It holds the highest population in this country, due to its rapid growth in different industrial sectors. It is a very popular tourist destination among all passionate travelers across the world. Apart from Burj Khalifa and other tourist attractions, Dubai is also a favorite place for food lovers. Different types of spicy Arabian dishes and delicious desserts satisfy the food buds of all foodies. 

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How to reach Dubai

Tourists prefer to take a flight from their home city to reach Dubai International Airport when they want to visit this city. Emirates airline is one of the flag carriers of the UAE and the largest airline of this country, which sends regular flights to 157 destinations all over the world. Moreover, Etihad Airways, Flydubai, Air Arabia, and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi run numerous flights between this busy airport and many cities in different countries. 

Some people also land in Sharjah International Airport if a flight is not available on a particular date; then they can travel by car or bus to Dubai. All other cities of the UAE are connected to Dubai by regular bus services. Tourists can also drive to enter Dubai through Oman, just by paying a certain amount of exit fee. 

Famous street food places in Dubai

Different tasty street foods are available in various popular eateries in Dubai. Harees, Shawarma, Shish Taouk Sandwich, Samosa, Oman Chips Roll, Fareed, Falafel, Madrooba, and Manakish are the most popular Arabian cuisines usually found in different roadside eateries. Knafeh and Luqaimat are the Arabian deserts that please all sweet-lovers who visit this city. Karak is an Arabian drink that is available everywhere at a very cheap price. There are some specific places in Dubai where varieties of street food items are sold to satisfy all foodies.  

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Downtown Dubai –

This area around Burj Khalifa always buzzes with a large crowd of tourists all the time. People can taste different Arabian delicacies in Maiz Tacos Food Truck, where spicy Costilla Tacos are sold. Zaroob is another eatery of this area that sells mouth-watering feteer made of cheese and egg. All these eateries remain open from noon till midnight, to satisfy numerous customers.

Bur Dubai –

This is a busy street of Old Dubai, which is always crowded with people interested in daily shopping of household items. This space holds plenty of Indian and Arabian eateries, mainly in the Meena Bazaar area which is lined with several small stores and cheap roadside food stalls. Food lovers can find almost all types of street foods here, which make this area a heaven for them. All these eateries remain open from 10 am to 10 pm so that people can have their meals here throughout the day. 

Global Village –

This place remains active only for 5 months every year, from the late winter months till the onset of summer. Genuine and healthy Arabian street foods are sold from the roadside stalls of this area. In some of these eateries, Arab women cook delicious snacks live there so that interested foodies can learn these recipes while watching them cook.

Popular Arabian snacks, like Samosa, Shawarma, and Luqaimat are cooked in these outlets by these Arabian women, who sometimes even offer free samples to taste to their well-behaved customers. There are also food pavilions set by different countries where people can enjoy traditional cuisines of those countries. All these eateries are open from 4 pm to 11.30 pm so that people can relish dinner with delicious foods of their choice.

Satwa –

This place houses some oldest eateries in Dubai where traditional food items of this region are available. Some of these eateries also have branches in other parts of the city. Pars Iranian Kitchen sells authentic Persian cuisines; Delhi Darbar offers tasty Indian dishes mainly from royal North Indian kitchens; Ravi’s is an eatery selling spicy Pakistani cuisines while Al Mallah sells different types of delicious Lebanese and Arabic dishes. All these eateries remain open from 10 am to midnight every day, offering food items at very cheap prices.

Thus, many foodies visit Dubai again and again to enjoy various street foods available at the eateries of the above-mentioned places. They like to spend their winter vacations in this city while enjoying the cuisines of different countries.