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Reckless Drunk Driving can cause you Jail time

Reckless Drunk Driving can cause you Jail time

Drunk driving is one of the major contributing factors in most road-related police arrests. The legal drinking age is 21 in most countries. Whenever one drinks and drives, they not only put themselves at risk but also tampers with the safety of pedestrians.

College students usually attend a lot of parties and festivities. They are new to the drinking process, so they do not know yet the power of intoxication. Sometimes with alcohol, they also take recreational drugs.

Reckless Drunk Driving can cause you Jail time

No matter how fun it sounds, it is actually quite lethal for health. A person loses his sense of direction and does not have any control over his actions when he is intoxicated. Here we’ll discuss how vista bail bonds can save you if you ever face charges and find yourself in the courtroom.

Don’t resist:

If you are charged with drunk driving, you should not restrain. You should cooperate with the policemen and acknowledge the fact that you might be getting people’s lives in danger. The more you resist, the more severe the penalties against you are going to get.

Get a good lawyer:

While in custody ask for a dui attorney Bellevue. If you don’t have adequate representation, you can make errors. In an official circumstance, a solicitor can help you with all the particulars. You must follow his lead and do as instructed.

Bail process:

If you are prosecuted for drunk driving, you’ll soon be produced to the bench. In the courtroom, the judge will look into your record and your case details. The judge will decide a bail amount that you’ll need to pay in order to leave. The bail amount depends on your conduct so far.

Bail Bonds:

It is very much possible that one does not have the entire bail money to pay for because at the time the sum can be rather high. In this type of situation, a licensed bondsman can help you out. You can mortgage your asset and pay a percentage of the sum as your bail money.


The bondsman will set the rules for your next moves. You’ll need to make several visits to the courthouse over the next few months depending upon the gravity of your violation. You cannot skip these court hearings otherwise the assets you’ve put on a mortgage can go out of your hands completely.


It is always reasonable to get out of prison by compensating the bail money. The more time you spend inside jail the more harm is done to your reputation. In college life, so many people spend a few hours inside the prison that does not really matter in the long run. People don’t really remember those childish activities. But if you spend days inside the prison,  it can encroach on your reputation.

In conclusion, it can be said that one needs to be always cautious in day-to-day life. Drunk Driving is never a suitable combination. But we also need the assurance that if we somehow fall into the clutches of law, there are ways to get out of it. You are never as helpless or alone as you would believe you are. It is fundamental for us to use the judicial system to our advantage and live a worry-free life.