Reasons to Choose Counseling as a Career

Lately, experts have launched a comprehensive survey to know the job satisfaction ratio among employees. Well, the report came up with shocking numbers. Nearly as many as 50 percent of the workers are taking drastic measures to swap their careers. It shows that opting for the wrong profession is far too common in our society.

So if you have reached a point where you are supposed to cherry-pick a career, make a smart choice. The reason being, not everyone gets the second chance to change the career path. We have observed that people are currently facing an unprecedented dilemma regarding choosing the right profession. More so, after machines have started replacing humans at workplaces. If you are also one of these individuals, becoming a counselor is arguably your best bet.

A counselor addresses core issues that damage our mental health. Depending on the specialty, you may help people who want to get rid of an additive substance like drug or alcohol.

From financial to aesthetic aspects, the profession is rewarding in every sense of the word. Here are some reasons that will further shed light on why being a counselor is worth it:

  1. You Can Work In Numerous Settings

Jobs usually limit an individual to a single work setting. By working in a similar environment for an extended period, one may get bored. It could also dent productivity in some cases. However, as a counselor, you have the freedom to offer your services in different places. Suppose a prospect has difficulty adjusting to a specific setting. In that case, he/she will still have an abundance of options at their disposal.

Following are some of the go-to places that recruit counselors:

  • Hospitals: As time goes by, hospitals realize the importance of counselors in the rehabilitation process. Hospitals even provide permanent jobs to counselors to confront patients’ behavioral and psychological issues. With a Ph.D., a counselor can qualify for various administrative roles in a hospital.
  • Mental health facilities: Mental health agencies heavily rely on counselors for therapy sessions. At times, community leaders seek their opinion to regulate the support centers in the best possible way. If you have earned your counseling degree through cacrep accredited online counseling programs, you would be the first preference for a local mental health facility.
  • Businesses: Counselors are steadily increasing their footprint in the business world. Since employee training is gaining traction, companies make it a point to take counselors on-board. Moreover, some organizations involve counselors to design a pitch-perfect recruitment process.
  • Education institutions: Counselors help students to tackle academic pressure. That said, their contribution at the primary level is particularly critical. It is because a low-key violent incident can radically influence their mental health for the worse.
  • It Ensures Work-Life Balance

The modern-day generation sees a lot of conventional practices with utter contempt. And one of those practices is working from 9 to 5 for five consecutive days of the week. Therefore, people generally tap-into work-life balance before committing to take up a career. So much so, employees are even willing to slash their salary by 5 percent for a balanced lifestyle. Guess what? Becoming a counselor enables you to strike the perfect balance between personal and professional responsibilities.

As a rule of thumb, counselors spend around 34 hours looking after the patients. They save 6 hours compared to an average employee who works for 40 hours per week on average. What is more, a counselor has the liberty to schedule appointments at his convenience. Meaning, one does not necessarily have to stick to the same timetable to start or end a working day.

  • Counseling Has A Healthy Job Market

Not long ago, consulting an expert for psychological well-being was viewed as taboo. Luckily, the behavior has changed over time to a great degree. Our society has finally recognized the value of mental health. As a result, the counseling industry has been witnessing a great boom for quite some time.

The employment rate of this profession skyrocketed to a staggering 57.1 percent in the last half a decade. On the other hand, the average growth rate of other fields is merely 11 percent. The numbers suggest that counselors have emerged as one of the most sought-after individuals.

  • Promotes Personal Growth

As years slip by, every profession tends to make you savvier. But it is often limited to your professional realms. On the contrary, counseling paves the way for personal growth. While taking deep dive into others’ life, you will have the opportunity to your problems from a different perspective. Furthermore, counselors have to stay updated about the latest findings because the field is continuously expanding. Hence, you will keep on learning by navigating through a ground-breaking theory every once in a while.

The Final Verdict

The job markets have become competitive than ever. If you aspire to live a fulfilling lifestyle, you will have to keep up with stress big time. But the profession of counseling is an exception to that. It offers everything you can venture to imagine with minimum effort.

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