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Top 12 Reasons to Know About Your Constant Sickness

Reasons to know about your Constant Sickness

Are you one of those who always find themselves sick because of so many reasons? It could be of anything. Mostly we suffer from viral flu diseases, but it’s not the main reason. This is because of the weak immune system. We all need to pay attention from proper sleep to sugar intake, and whatever diet routine is being followed. Here in this blog, we are going to share a few reasons for your constant sickness. Have you ever counted the reasons? Have a look


Mostly we people are under stress because of loneliness which affects our immune systems. It affects the genetic level of the body which also increases the pro-inflammatory genes and decreases the level of antibodies in genes. Long-term inflammation and chronic diseases are associated with loneliness. The only way to get rid of this is to maintain social connections and always be around others to not let affect loneliness your health. Do you know social gathering reduces stress level? Yes, it is.

Deficiency of Vitamin D

Reasons to know about your Constant Sickness

Lack of vitamin D causes different types of cancer because it is a guard against colds and flu and other diseases. Vitamin D increases autoimmunity that boosts the immune system because as per various research it is proven in numerous studies vitamin D deficiency exists in a maximum of fifty percent of people. Go for the vitamin D deficiency test with a simple blood test and ask for vitamin D supplements.

Not Washing Hands

Nowadays every doctor is recommending washing your hands frequently and adequately, especially in this pandemic. It has been seen people are not washing their hands properly with soap even. All diseases cause bacteria and viruses. Always use soap for at least 15-20 seconds for washing hands. It’s essential to follow this regularly for safe health.

Improper Sleeping Pattern

It’s essential to get adequate sleep of at least 7-8 hours. The body produces inflammatory protein during sleep to fight against various diseases. If you people are having trouble in sleep, then ask your doctors. Poor sleeping causes constant sickness to fight against cells and antibodies.

Constant Stressed

It doesn’t matter what your schedule is chronic stress always weakens the body and the immune system. The brain increases the production of stress hormones. People who experience chronic stress are most prone to colds and viral infections like the flu. Stress reduction is pretty much easier with multiple therapies because of mental and physical health. Always exercise regularly to relieve stress. Make sure you people are learning different forms of relaxation exercises because whenever you feel continuously stressed talk to doctors. They may suggest the best therapy.

Not using Hand Sanitiser

In this pandemic hand, sanitizer is a must to disinfect your hands. It is also essential to wipe down the bacteria. Clean your hands first with hand sanitizer and then grab the shopping cart because these days, average diseases are brought home from shopping carts. Various stores offer antibacterial wipes to wipe down the handle first and then let it dry for a few seconds before touching this.

Not doing Proper Exercise

Apart from the busy schedule, we don’t get time for the exercise. Why don’t you take a break of at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule? Take exercise regularly. It’s essential to keep yourself active in any physical activity for a few minutes. It won’t make you sick again and again. You will be much more healthy and active.

Constant sickness is because of overtraining syndrome. In this, we do work out daily and don’t give the body to rest. It affects your immune system as well. Always remain balanced in a healthy lifestyle and add exercise or walking to your routine but don’t overstrain yourself.

High Consumption of Alcohol

Are you one of those who are in alcohol consumption? Alcohol breaks down into a potent toxin and reduces white blood cells’ ability to kill bacteria and viruses. Heavy drinking damages the immune system. If you have any medical history, keep yourself away from alcohol or any drug abuse because it won’t give a healthy and balanced life.

Excessive Consumption of Sugar

You must be thinking about how constant sickness relates to the consumption of sugar. Well, it relates actually because sugar causes inflammation and weakens immunity by reducing white blood cells. We used to take too much sugar. All you need to do is reduce the sugar consumption on your site, reducing the intake of sugar-based drinks, processed cookies, and cereals.

Go for organic and fresh fruits and veggies to get vitamins and other nutrients to keep you healthy. For additional insights on healthier alternatives, you’ll surely love to have Oobli on your side. You’ll get the sweet refreshment you want without sacrificing your health, especially to cautious time. 

Overweight Gain

Being overweight prevents white blood cells from producing antibodies for fighting inflammation. Always maintain a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet. Being overweight causes constant sickness and you will ever encounter yourself with an infected flu and other diseases.

Lack of Water Intake

People who don’t consume water too much make you dehydrated and strain your immune system. Dehydration always makes you sick and contains different nutrients to carry oxygen to your cells. Keep yourself hydrated to flush out the bacteria from the bladder and for regulating the pressure. Make sure you people are taking at least 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Excessive Usage of Antibiotics

We are caught up in numerous infections, and we take a massive amount of antibiotics to fight those viral infections. If you are not feeling well, the reason is too many medications that don’t work for you. These are the reasons that make you constantly sick. If you are not getting better, get help from a doctor, they would let you know what things you people are doing wrong. Don’t forget to take a proper plan from a dietitian to know what to eat and what to avoid as per your medical conditions. Stay healthy and stay positive.