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Reading and Acting Upon Quranic Teachings to ease Anxiety From Life

Now, what God reveals to men is sharia or Islamic law, which will govern the entire life of the Muslim community. The law comes to give content to the abyss of God’s revelation. For this reason, the invisibility of God is made visible in the form of the Islamic law that God gives to men. But this becoming-visible does not have the form of the Christian incarnation, because for Muslims the revelation of Sharia or Islamic law is, at the same time, an act of the presence and absence of God. This, remaining in an absolute transcendence, never enters the History of men, since it never becomes the History of men itself. For Islam, in fact, this does not exist as a universal process that advances in a certain line, because History, as it appears in nineteenth-century philosophies of history, is nothing other than the secularized figure of the incarnation of God in the earth. For Islam, on the other hand, History is the history of revelation that goes from Adam to Muhammad (SAWW) or, even, as in the case of the Shiites, beyond, inaugurating different prophetic cycles. Islamic revelation takes place only where God withdraws from what he himself has revealed, only where God maintains his absolute transcendence with respect to the world.

Opened quran near candle and sweet dates

Although some scholars agree with several of the aspects indicated by the Islamic traditions regarding the Koran and its origins, the academic consensus considers that Muhammad (SAWW) composed the verses that make up the text, which was memorized by his followers and put in writing. These studies question the Islamic belief that the entire Qur’an was sent by God to humanity; since they notice that in numerous passages God is referred to in the third person or the narrative voice swears by various supernatural entities, including God. It is also accepted that numerous versions of these texts circulated after his death in 632; until Uthman ordered the collection and ordering of this mass of material between 650 and 656, as described by Islamic scholars. Other specialists tend to attribute the entire Qur’an to Muhammad, arguing that there is real proof that the text has been compiled under Uthman since the oldest surviving copies of the complete Qur’an date from 1,300 years old the oldest Existing copy of the full text found in the UK, University of Birmingham, based on radiocarbon analysis. Others allege that Islam was formed slowly, during the centuries after the Muslim conquests and as the Islamic conquerors developed their own beliefs in response to Jewish and Christian challenges. However, this idea contradicts the same learn Quran online academy, as it should be emphasized that the Quran affirms that good believers, Jews, or Christians, will also have the paradise promised by Allah.

Nowadays, with the world so globalized, it is not enough to know just one additional language to the native one, so we require at least two or three additional ones, something that fortunately is easier than in the past since there are different resources that make it possible.

How would you like to learn Arabic? Since it is an eastern language, spoken in more than 25 countries and used as an official language in 19 regions such as Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco; And with today’s business issues and globalization, it’s a language you can start to consider.

Of course, Arabic is a somewhat complicated language with a certain degree of complexity., but it is also very interesting and well worth the effort. We leave you some online resources where you can consult for free to learn this language.

This course is really very interactive and simple, so you can learn quickly and without complications since you can find more than 17 topics such as main expressions, conversation, restaurant, transport, looking for someone, family, in case of problems, among others . You just have to choose the topic and press the expression, you will immediately hear and read how it is pronounced, how it is written, and it’s meaning; They even present you with a drawing of the action that is taking place, which will be of great help since all your senses will be soaked in the language.