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What Makes your Radiology Prior Authorization Transparent?

What Makes your Radiology Prior Authorization Transparent

Managing prior authorization for radiology services isn’t easy! There are a number of basic requirements and protocols which has to be managed with outpatient imaging procedures like CT scans, MRI, MRA’s, and PET scans as well as nuclear medicine studies like nuclear cardiology. Reducing improper utilization, unnecessary exposure to radiation and invasive processes that improve patient safety outcomes is of prime significance.

With prior authorization becoming the order of the day and payers are required to take the assistance of an electronic platform for securing prior authorization on time. It all depends on finding a partner that can take your approval to the next stage.

Finding a quality team of prior authorization experts who can deliver timely support is all that you need. All that you need is a competent partner that can quicken your front end for a better payment to take realization in the longer run.

The Sunknowledge approach in radiology prior authorization

Our team knows how to take care of your payments with a specialized approach in radiology prior to authorization. Also, we have excellent client testimonials, and references that demonstrate how we take your payments to the next stage.

Our Company has worked successfully with one of our clients for obtaining prior authorization for a quasi-medical product like Botox. Primarily needed for cosmetic purposes for which the insurance doesn’t pay! We provided our specialized intervention and a lot of persuasive approaches with our complete understanding of the therapeutic protocols making the insurance approve the same and pay for it!

We completed all the necessary functions with:

  • Verifying eligibility
  • Initiating authorization
  • Following up on the request
  • Obtaining and acknowledging authorization
  • Scheduling the drug delivery

At present, Sun Knowledge has no transaction charges, training, or installation costs. We provide radiology prior authorization services at $7 per hour and complete 3 to 4 authorizations in one hour with one resource working only for you.

We have a 95% prior authorization approval rate and offer support on an a la carte basis! As we eliminate front-end loopholes with accurate prior authorization, it guarantees collections of 97% for our clients.