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Protect your favorite sofa with some attractive couch covers and enliven the home decor

You need to remember that your brand-new couches, sofas, chairs, and ottomans all suffer from wear, fading, and dust and spills. You need proper couch covers that have fade-resistant and stain-prevention technology to preserve that priceless sofa of your grandparents.

  • Quilts and throws are a clear example. Whether you fold it on top or tuck it in, a throw or quilt (here’s a supplemental reading on t shirt quilt ideas that you can make at home) can protect against exhaustion and spills, or even hide it in your furniture.
  • Regardless of the texture and style, it adds to your sofa, it becomes a design accessory by itself.
  • You must use stain-resistant lotions and sprays. Although it’s technically not a sofa cover, it’s a very effective spray.
  • If you’ve purchased a high degree of stain resistance, you know you paid good bucks for it.
  • A stain-proof upholstery spray can protect your new sofa.
  • Fitted sofas and slipcovers are good examples. It’s generally more prudent to purchase couches that feature custom slipcovers. They provide that high-end, luxury-tailored design.
  • It’s akin to the difference between adorning specially designed clothes and shunning the one-size-fits-all approach.

Some brilliant sofa cover ideas

Spilling coffee on the couch is indeed irritating. Also, your children may use the sofa as canvas and start doodling. Despite all the washing, you cannot remove the stains. You can cover the couch by yourself with some basic sewing.

  • Just get some fabric and work on it. You don’t need a thorough measurement because you just want to see the amount you need. Some ideas necessitate sewing skills. To get the couch covers of your choice, you need to cover the item with weight fabric like canvas, liner, or heavy cotton.
  • You need one fabric piece for the sofa’s back, one for the main seating, and then two where your arms rest. Make sure you secure the fabric with strong anchor pins. You need to take them from the fabric and push them into the sofa, ensuring they remain in place. Also, leave some space for the excess fabric to settle the seam.
  • Some cushion slipcovers entail a non-fitted box design and they do quite well. If sewing isn’t your cup of tea, you can always apply other means to cover your sofa. Get an attractive box cushion slipcover online or at the stores. You can try DIY means.

Some prominent examples

The stretch chair slipcover is quite cozy. It knits the dual-piece covers. You can easily them on and off the armchair, creating a reupholstered and fresh look. It comes in a range of 12 colors. It also has a slightly muddy and fuzzy vibe. Your furry pals are sure to enjoy these covers.

The easy-going stretch covers are best-selling products. It’s a spandex-polyester combo that perfectly blends into your couch by dint of its tedious fabric. You can easily wash the material. It doesn’t entail off-gassing. You can comfortably slip on the cover and enjoy it at your home.