Germ Kill Sprays That Work – Explained

Germ Kill Sprays That Work – Explained

You will find a lot of germ kills spray products in the market that are formulated to offer protection against enveloped viruslike the COVID-19. Read further to know which is the best germ kill spray.

Cleaning and disinfecting have become the norm due to the current pandemic situation. Many of us are more involved in cleaning and spraying pretty much everything. You need to make sure that you are equipped with the right product that offers protection against enveloped virus, germs and bacteria.

Whether we’re indoor or outdoor, our hands attract a lot of germs as we tend to touch surfaces that may be contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens. Although experts recommend the use of soap and water for a clean hand wash, yet germ killer spray can be really helpful when you’re travelling. Almost all regular hand sanitization products that are available in the market are alcohol-based. One of the drawbacks of such products is it takes away the oil balance from your skin, thereby making your hands dry and flaky.

If your skin easily gets damaged due to alcohol-based germ killer spray, you should switch to Dr. Rhazes Germ Kill Spray Foam. Just one spray and it safeguards your loved ones from dangerous viruses and bacteria. The germ killer spray does not contain any traces of alcohol; instead, it is loaded with the goodness of lemon and aloe extracts. Every time you use Dr. Rhazes Germ Kill Spray Foam, it sanitizes and moisturizes your hands.

Some of the advantages of the product are stated as below

  • Kills 99.9% virus and bacteria
  • Sanitizes and Moisturizes your hands
  • The goodness of Lemon and Aloe vera Extract
  • Experience fresh lemon fragrance after each use
  • Completely safe on skin

Experts suggest that germ killer sprays can help to safeguard you against the virus, but it should not be replaced if you’re able to access soap and water. However, no spray would be effective if your hands are visibly soiled, greasy or dirty. Also, germ killer sprays may not be helpful in removing harmful chemicals, like pesticides and heavy metals. Handwashing with soap and water is highly recommended in such circumstances.

Germ killer spray should be treated as an alternative when washing hands isn’t accessible.

When using the hand sanitizer spray, make sure you apply the product on one palm and rub the liquid spray all around the hand, including fingers, thumb and wrists until your hands are dry.