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Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

Essay Writing Services

Higher education opens new opportunities. It’s hard to argue the opposite. Yet, its main advantage is that it teaches us to study, improve ourselves, and be crafty. 

It is no mistake, the previous sentence calls students crafty. Even the best and smartest of them have to use their wits to pass through all exams, homework, and extracurricular tasks without sliding into the burnout pit. Colleges teach us to find ways out of different circumstances. It is the main skill to be gained in four years, not the specific knowledge in math or literature.

The ability to avoid troubles with teachers and find unexpected ways to solve problems is key to survival in college life. So, many students use extra help with their home tasks and thesis papers.

Issues Faced When Preparing Written Assignments

  • A research paper can be easily confused with an essay and vice versa. 
  • Vague formulations make statements weak. All examples in written assignments have to be reinforced by examples and proofs.
  • The lack of rigid structure makes arguments sound far-fetched and weak.
  • Teachers often give the topics but avoid defining the type of writing. So, it is up to the student to pick the correct one and follow the structure.
  • Writing unique texts becomes more difficult by the day.  

So, it may be better to use a writing service and buy essay online rather than try composing it yourself. Ordering texts from professionals is one of the ways to become known as a clever student. 

What Does Ordering an Essay Look Like?

Few teachers grade a text without reading it. Many of them thoroughly study them to the letter. So, if the essay is downloaded from the web or off-topic, it will most likely get a C or be given back for rewriting.

Here are the main stages of the process:

  • Find a suitable service.
  • Make the list of requirements.
  • When placing an order, state the demands set by the teacher. Mention the aspects you want to see in the paper. 
  • Contact the assigned writer or manager.
  • Get the finished text along with a free plagiarism report.

Benefits of Ordering Essays

Use of Hard-to-Get Data

To prepare an essay, you will need to use sources. These can be biographies, documents, articles, and more. Often, tutors may demand using unique sources from libraries and archives. Searching for those takes effort and time. Writers usually have access to fee-based libraries with rare books. 

Professionals Know What to Do

Writers master the knowledge of certain topics for some time. With mastery comes the fluence. So, a professional writer could compose a short essay within an hour or two. The same job may take a student a day or two.

Plagiarism-Free Texts

Some universities require essays that take up to 10 pages. Their complexity is determined by the topic, available research data, and the depth of the research needed. Writing plagiarism-free texts becomes quite hard for modern students. Especially if there is too little or too much topic-related information on the internet. Essay writing services usually guarantee up to 97% text uniqueness.

Affordable Price 

Some students may think that ordering an essay is a waste of money. Yet, if you decide to write the work yourself, then you will have to sacrifice something. For example, you will spend time which you could use to make money or relax and gain strength for academic achievements.


The customer may receive an essay on the day of order. For example, a student is late for the class and suddenly realizes that it is necessary to hand in an essay by 3 p.m. that day. This student may order an urgent writing service and get it done while being present at lectures.

Cons of Ordering Papers and Essays

Two main things may discourage students:

The Student’s Personality Finds No Reflection

A writing style, use of words, and a general discourse will not be reflected properly in the paper. Even professionals cannot copy individual styles unless they get a sample of writing and some time to adjust their style. So, they often write the text without reflecting the customer’s personality.

Prices May Change Along With Requirements

For example, if the student needs some non-standard writing, then the price, of course, will be higher. If the order is urgent, the price may double or triple. There is no standard price for writing services accepted by all companies. The volume and complexity of the work may impact it unpredictably.

Students Do Need Extra Help

A modern student should be able to do all kinds of things – study, work, and in some cases also take care of their families. Amid such a busy schedule, there is little time for a painstaking information search and plagiarism check. 

Avoiding such services may look like following the rules. It is robbing yourself of the chance to spare some free time and make life at least a bit easier. So, do not be afraid of getting professional help if it may make your college experience better.