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Powertrac Tractor – Provide Excellent Deal to the Farmer

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Powertrac Tractor - Provide Excellent Deal to the Farmer

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Powertrac tractor is a popular and renowned tractor model of the Escorts group. It offers advanced features for Indian farmers. The company manufactures tractors under the brand names of Steeltrac, Farmtrac, and Powertrac. Yudi Nanda and Har Prasad Nanda are the founders of Powertrac tractor. 

Powertrac is a tractor series specially designed for Indian farmers. It provides fuel efficiency and maximum power at a low cost. With our effective products, it always wins the hearts of Indian farmers. 

Popular Powertrac Tractor Models 

Powertrac provides an excellent tractor range from 25 hp to 75 hp. These tractors offer superb performance in the farming field. They come with many good qualities such as high fuel efficiency, economic mileage, a comfortable ride, and many more. 

So, here we are showing some of the best tractor models of Powertrac with features and price. Check out below. 

  1. Powertrac Euro 50

Euro 50 is the superb tractor of the euro series. It is a 50 hp tractor with three-cylinders engine power. Powertrac euro 50 is available with Supermaxx and Loadmaxx. With 2761 CC engine capacity, it completes farming operations efficiently. The heavy lifting capacity of 2000kg perfectly lifts heavy loads. It is India’s first tractor, which comes with European comfort and style. The fuel efficiency quality provides a perfect mix of fuel efficiency and power. The multi-plate oil immersed disc brake avoids the slippage and protects the user. Powertrac Euro 50 price is Rs. 6.25-6.75 Lac*. This model is perfectly suitable for Agri and haulage operations. 

  1. Powertrac 445

The 445 Plus is a versatile tractor in the 47 hp range. It supplies three-cylinders power for working well in the field. A 50-liter fuel tank s offers strength in longer operations and also saves money. The multipurpose tractor is equally versatile for both commercial and farming operations. Dual-clutch features provide smooth functioning and easy gear shifting. This model’s best quality is high fuel efficiency, reliability, and high resale value. A Hi-tech hydraulic system is suitable for heavy implements such as rotavators etc. Powertrac 445 price is Rs. 6.20-6.50 Lakh*. 

  1. Powertrac 439

The 439 Plus is the finest tractor of Powertrac, which provides high performance in the field. This model is mainly known for its attractive design and easy handling of the product. It is a 41 hp tractor which provides three-cylinders engine power. The 2339 CC powerful engine makes it more impactful in farming fields. With 1500kg lifting capacity, it lifts heavy implements for rugged fields. It has a multi-plate oil immersed disc brake to protect the user from accidents. It’s PTO hp is 38.9. These special features make it every farmer’s favorite. Affordable price is another best achievement of this model. Powertrac on-road price is Rs. 5.30-5.60 Lac*.  

  1. Powertrac 434

The 434 is a popular tractor in the 34 hp range. It has 2146 CC engine power that generates 2200 engine rated RPM. with economic mileage, it saves money for farmers. It offers high fuel efficiency and low fuel consumption. A constant mesh with a center shift transmission system allows smooth and easy gear shifting. Mechanical steering types provide comfortable riding during longer work duration. Powertrac tractor price is Rs. 4.95-5.23 Lakh*. Some Special feature of this tractor model is 

  • High backup torque
  • Adjustable seat
  • Proper safety equipment
  • Powerful battery
  • Single clutch
  • Water-cooled system 
  1. Powertrac 437

The 437 is a 39 hp tractor of Powertrac which provides best in class features for Indian farmers. It is the synonym of power, reliability, and profit. The modern 2200r/min engine gives optimum power and long life. A single friction plate clutch offers smooth and easy functioning. It is a multipurpose machine that performs both farming and commercial operations. With heavy implements, it perfectly works on Indian fields. It supplies a 50-liter fuel tank, which saves money and works for a long time. Its price is Rs. 5.20-5.40 Lakh*, which is suitable for small and marginal farmers. The best features of Powertrac 437 is 

  • High lifting capacity
  • 3-stage oil bath
  • Water-cooled
  • Constant Mesh transmission system
  • Power steering

These are the finest tractor models of Powertrac with price and features. We hope you are delighted with this blog. 

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