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Percale vs. Sateen: Understanding the Difference

Percale vs. Sateen

The most important part of your bed that comes after a mattress is a good bed sheet. Beds sheets are very important for your comfort and sleep. A good soft and smooth sheet can help you to sleep at night peacefully. A bad sheet on the other hand that is dirty and has holes can ruin your good night’s sleep. You need to know about the different types of sheets available in the market.

Percale vs. Sateen


Percale sheets are the classic sheets that are crisp. These are simple sheets especially cotton percale sheets are made in a simple way where the weaving is done one under another. Percale sheets are beautifully simple and they are not very heavy, they are easy to carry while traveling. They have a smooth finish that looks very pretty and classy on every bed.

Percale vs. Sateen

They are made of thin cotton threads and so they are very tightly woven but the feel is lightweight and smooth. The sheets are well ventilated and this makes them breathable. Cotton percale sheets are crisp. They are perfect for hot summery places as they are breathable and they don’t trap any heat. They don’t cause night sweats and let you sleep peacefully at night. Percale sheets provide you the luxury that plain cotton sheets can’t provide.


  • Very durable
  • Breathable material
  • Gets softer with time
  • Crisp and smooth
  • Easy to maintain and wash


  • They get wrinkled
  • Not so smooth like sateen


These sheets are different from percale sheets. Unlike the weaving of percale sheets, these sheets are woven four yarns together with one yarn underneath. The sateen sheets have a satin feel and finish, they are a lot shinier than other regular sheets. These sheets are soft and they don’t create wrinkles. Satin is more durable but it also has a soft and light feel like cotton. They are comfortable in all seasons; they are a bit heavier than percale sheets but they are very much tightly woven. Those who want a hug feel when they sleep then they can buy these sheets.

Percale vs. Sateen

These sheets are not so breathable so they can trap some heat while you sleep. If you live in a hot and humid area then that might cause some trouble as you will get a lot of night sweats at night. With passing time there can be emerging snags in the sheet and that’s trouble. Cotton sateen sheets are perfect for bedding while sateen from other materials is used for different purposes like curtains, etc.


  • Royal feel
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Smooth and comfortable feel
  • Complies well


  • Shine can get fade
  • Might get torn easily
  • Very slippery so can be uncomfortable
  • Traps a lot of heat


It is dependent on personal choice to choose between these two sheets but one might get confused as both these sheets are equally so good and so here is a different list for these two sheets.


Percale – These are lightweight and have a crisp and smooth feel

Sateen – These are more on the silkier and softer side and people with sensitive skin prefer these more.


Percale – Last a long time as they get softer and more comfortable with time

Sateen – Lasts a bit less as they are more prone to tearing and snuggling limits their durability.


Sateen – Bit pricier than percale sheets as these are more luxurious

Percale – Less pricey than sateen sheets.


Sateen –These are good during winter as they trap heat but for those who live in hot areas, they can find these sheets too warm and they can cause a lot of sweating.

Percale – These sheets are very much breathable and adjustable; they don’t give night sweats as they don’t trap heat. They can also keep you warm during winter nights.


Sateen – These can be washed normally in your washing machine and then you can dry them in the drier.

Percale – These sheets can also be washed in the washing machine normally and dried out in the sun but as they get wrinkled you need to iron them after drying.


  • Need a royal feel
  • Want to stay warm during sleep
  • Ironing is too tiring
  • Want a wrinkle-free bed sheet.


  • You want durable sheets
  • You want a cool sleep without night sweats
  • You want to use something basic that can be used in all seasons.


You know the feeling of sleeping on a clean and well-maintained sheet. So here are some tips which you can use at home to maintain your sheets properly so that they are in good condition and they last much longer.

  • Wash and update your sheets at least as soon as a week. Wash your sheets more frequently. If unavoidable, make certain different items of equal color.
  • Always take a look at washing commands earlier than washing sheets.
  • To save your darker sheets from fading, use cold water and dry them in the shade.
  • Pre-treating enables in putting off minor stains.
  • Follow the dryer temperature supplied inside the label.
  • Iron and keep your sheets in proper places.


Buying the perfect sheet can be a hectic task but with the proper guidance, it becomes easier for you to choose which sheet to buy. Sateen and percale sheets are some of the most common and premium sheets available in the market. Both these sheets have their pros and cons and according to your choice, you can buy anyone of these kinds. After buying the sheets it is also very important for you to properly maintain them and keep them in a good condition.

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