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Home » Parallax Scrolling Vs. Infinite Scrolling – What Are The Differences?

Parallax Scrolling Vs. Infinite Scrolling – What Are The Differences?

Parallax Scrolling Vs. Infinite Scrolling

Much like everything else, web development is constantly evolving and as far as moving around on a digital platform goes, scrolling in an essential part of content navigation. Web designers are always looking for new ways to keep users engaged and scrolling down the page. And while there are a few different ways to achieve this goal, two of the more popular methods are parallax scrolling and infinite scrolling. 

There are different forms of scrolling and this short article takes an in-depth look at parallax and infinite scrolling to help you gain a better understanding and choose the right type for your website. What are the differences between these two techniques? Which one is right for your website? Let’s take a look!

Parallax Scrolling Vs. Infinite Scrolling

What Is Parallax Scrolling?

This is a form of scrolling where a perception of depth is created by using multiple backgrounds that move at different speeds. Ask any of the top web designers such as the ones at about parallax scrolling and they will confirm that this technique does add depth to a web page. It is easy, however, to overdo things and the feature takes the attention, rather than enhancing the browsing experience, which it was intended to do.

Minimum Effect

Parallax scrolling should be carefully set up and used sparingly for best effects. There are many great examples of websites that use this feature and some make it work better than others. You can always experiment with different features and see how they compare.

Infinite Scrolling

As the name suggests, as you scroll down, more of the website is loaded and this system is preferred by many businesses, as you no longer need link navigation and having all your content on a single page has its benefits. This is more suited to a user who is not so focused on finding something specific; social media platforms use infinite scrolling as it enables users to see new content automatically. Talk to a web designer and they can help you make the right choice for your proposed web project.

Downside To Infinite Scrolling

SEO depends on navigation and there is much less of that with an infinite scrolling platform; add to that the difficulty this poses when a user wants to complete a task. Parallax scrolling is without doubt the more popular of the two, which is ideal for low-content websites and faster navigation. If, for example, you want to find an interesting video, you have to start at the beginning with an infinite scrolling website and scroll down until you find what you’re looking for.


Online stores prefer infinite scrolling, which allows the store visitor to continually be presented with products and for people who know what they want, the search function is perfect. Some users, however, feel overwhelmed at such a rate of new content and therefore prefer the more traditional approach of pages and links. Sites such as Amazon and eBay use infinite scrolling and many smaller online retailers also see the benefits of single-page solutions.

These and other aspects of your website can be discussed with your web designer and this should lead to a digital platform that ticks all your boxes and one that users enjoy. There’s a lot more to web design than first meets the eye and if you want the best digital representation, the professional web development agency has all the answers.