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Paper Vs Plastic: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Paper Vs Plastic

Deciding on the best material for your business is a process that can require several mock-ups. As well as trial and error when it comes to the overall shape and thickness of the material. However, it is not impossible to achieve durability regardless of the material that you choose. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not your business should be using either paper or plastic. 

Consider The Environmental Aspect 

When looking to decide between paper and plastic it is important to consider the environmental impact of each material. Though neither of them will be completely environmentally friendly you will often find that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than that plastic.

Paper Vs Plastic

This is not only in terms of the cost of manufacturing but also its ability to decompose. When it ends up in a landfill paper bags tend to degrade significantly faster. 

Look Out For Durability 

In addition to the impact that it can have on the environment, it is important to look at durability. For a business, one of the easiest ways to reduce the carbon footprint is to get people to reuse the bags for life. In order to achieve this, however, you need to produce a durable bag that your customers can use again and again.

This is where the durability of printed paper bags comes into play. Depending on the thickness of the paper that you use. The bag could break in the long run particularly when it gets wet. 

Consider The Design Options 

Though durability is important, it is also crucial that you consider the design options. With several benefits to printing on paper. This is becoming a popular material for those that want to leave a lasting impression with their packaging. Not only can the colors be made brighter when printing on paper, but they also will not become distorted.

When printing on plastic, you have to consider that material stretches. Thus running the risk of the logo and slogan becoming distorted as a result. Though this is not always the case. This can have a significant impact on marketing as a whole. 

The Ability To Order In Bulk

The final element to consider when choosing between plastic and paper is the ability to order in bulk. Though you can order your designs in bulk using both materials. There are differences in the manufacturing process that can make the manufacturing process slower. It is important to consider this turnaround time, particularly if you need this packaging quickly.

It is also important to consider the weight of the material as the weight and overall size of a package can affect the postage when it comes to making your orders. Therefore, this should be considered regardless of whether you are opting for paper or plastic. 

Whether you are a small business looking to step up its packaging or you are a larger company looking to be more eco-friendly. There are several pros and cons to using both paper bags and plastic bags.