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Boost Creativity and Collaboration in Remote Teams With These Tips

Boost Creativity and Collaboration in Remote Teams

As we learned in the past two years, some things are harder when working remotely. It’s not as easy to connect with other team members, therefore collaboration and creativity can suffer if they’re not nurtured.

And how do you do this? In this article, we’ll share some simple, tangible tips that can take your remote team’s creativity and collaboration to the next level.

Try Using an Online Whiteboard Tool

An online whiteboard tool can be introduced in your project planning process, during brainstorming sessions, or even in webinars. It’s just like the good old whiteboard in your conference room – but better.

The online whiteboard tool allows you to import files, draw with a pen or add shapes. You can also write, and have everyone on the time contribute at the same time. This tool works great for collaboration and creativity because it’s easier for participants to visualize different ideas, which makes it easier for them to come up with their own creative solutions.

Help People Develop and Foster Healthy Relationships

Take the time to appreciate your team members, and allow them to show appreciation for each other. Work on meaningful conversations, and approach conflicts in an open way.

Boost Creativity and Collaboration in Remote Teams

Since your team works remotely, it might be hard for them to connect on a personal level. You can organize events that aren’t work-related, where employees can collaborate and have fun. For example, team-building activities such as an interactive virtual murder mystery game is a terrific way to get the office together and create stronger bonds.      

When people are more connected on a personal level, they’ll have an easier time collaborating with each other, and it will help them be more creative.

Practice What You Preach

Don’t just set up coffee dates and casual meetings for your team members and stay on the sidelines. Get involved and lead by example.

When people see that you’re putting an effort into connecting with them, they’ll be more likely to do so themselves. 

Make Collaboration Fun

Collaboration should be a fun activity! This is why an online whiteboard tool is an essential part of a remote team’s toolbox.

It makes brainstorming sessions more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Nobody wants to sit through a meeting looking at their coworkers’ avatars.

Think outside of the box and implement other tools and practices that make collaboration more fun for everyone involved.

Teach Your People How to Be Creative

Creative thinking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it can be learned through practice. Organize coaching sessions and webinars to teach your team how better to approach any problem that comes along.

Share the best practices with them, share personal stories, and if you have to get a professional coach who can take their creativity to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Collaboration and creativity can deflate when you’re working remotely. But, if you follow a couple of simple best practices, use the proper tools, and ensure your team connects on a deeper level – you don’t have to worry about finding creative solutions to the problems they might face.