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Online Quran classes

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Learning & reading online Quran nowadays have become very easy and affordable for anyone who wants to learn, read, and understand the Holy Quran. Experienced male and female Quran teachers are available online to teach Quran reading to the students. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to take online classes. Read and learn Quran online from experienced teachers along with excellent and effective tutoring methods from the comfort of your home. Islamicnet provides online 1 1 classes to students in different countries including the USA, Canada, UK, etc. You can try FREE Trial classes to evaluate our online Quran teaching program.

What is Islam, Islamism, Islamist and Muslim?

Despite being in etymological terms like that can be confused often, Islam, Islamism, Islamist and Muslim have very different meanings. We clarify these concepts.

Muslim is therefore a person who practices the religion of Islam and has nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism.

Not to be confused with Arabic , which refers to the indigenous people of the Arabian Peninsula and speaking Arabic. While in Arab countries there are many people who practice Christianity, millions of people practice Islam in both countries of Middle East and Southeast Asia and sub – Saharan Africa. 

Islamism is, however, a term that has been widely debated and can refer to two different meanings:

The first refers to the beliefs and precepts of the religion described above.

The second and probably more widespread its meaning in the media, is the ideology behind the Islamic fundamentalism .

Often it speaks of ” radical Islam ” to refer to the political ideology proclaimed by the jihadists , which is in turn a Western term that refers to the radical ideological trend that supports the holy war and the use of radical practices such as terrorism.

Your search for an Quran online academy that provides highly qualified Quran tutors with years of teaching experience finally ends here. We are among the pioneers in online Quran tutoring services providing one on one online Quran classes since 2007.

We take pride in having taught 5000+ students from over 20 countries. Our aim is to make Quran learning as convenient, effective, and affordable as possible. With our services, everyone regardless of their age, gender, or location can learn Quran online with Tajweed from certified male & female tutors.

Ready to start your online Quran learning journey with us? Sign up for the 3 sessions to evaluate our services first.

·         Evaluate the tutor and see if you are comfortable with him/her. The tutor will also have a chance to evaluate your level and learning needs so that he/she can come up with a tailored strategy.

·         If everything goes well, select your preferred plan and start learning Quran online. If the tutor was not up to your expectations, we can give you another one from our pool of Quran tutors.