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Nurturing Your Nails with Care

maintain healthy nails

Everyone is very particular about maintaining their nails by using the latest and trendy nail polish and nail polish removers. Nowadays, there are many effective and safe ways to maintain manicure hygiene, and that too without using any harsh chemical nail products. To achieve this, you can use natural nail polish or nail polish remover.

Nurturing Your Nails with Care

How to maintain healthy nails?

No doubt that a healthy and nutritious diet helps achieve good nail strength and growth. The most common thing that everyone misses is moisturizing the nails, which helps your nails be strong and healthy. Applying a moisturizer cream helps prevent dry and brittle nails. Dry cuticles are also one of the obstacles to nail growth. Hence, it is always advisable to moisturize your cuticles with age-defying hand creams.

Nail biters are another hurdle in maintaining healthy nails. Yes, it is tough to get rid of some habits, but you should curb this nail-biting habit to avoid any painful consequences. Biting nails not only exposes your body to dirt but also puts your health at higher risk. Hence, getting your nails painted is the better way to curb the habit of nail-biting, as nail paint’s bitterness will put a break on your habit to a larger extent.

Polish your nails naturally

There are a lot of nail polish brands in the market that are free from chemicals. Hard candy nail polish is a good option for your nails as they do not contain ingredients such as phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens, and camphor which can be potentially harmful to your nails.

Once you have chosen your favorite shade, you are ready for a DIY manicure. The base coat is the first thing to lay before applying coloured nail polish as it not only protects your nail from discolouring but also provides a secure layer to your nails. After applying a few coats of your desired shade, you should apply a top coat to your nails, which will add shine and maintain your manicure for a more extended period.

Remove your nail polish naturally

Before going for a new manicure, ensure that you use a nail polish remover to remove the polish without drying your nails too much. Nail polish removers with acetone can dry your nail cuticles; hence always prefer natural nail polish removers to maintain your nails and skin’s health.

Wrap up

Maintaining good nail hygiene is very important as this reflects your personality and keeps you healthy and presentable. This blog must have given you a fair idea about natural nail polish and nail polish removers. Next time when you are planning a manicure, try to imbibe the tips stated above in this blog. Use of non-toxic nail polish and removers will help you keep the nail’s beauty and health last for longer. The use of a moisturiser to keep your nails and cuticles nourished is another essential aspect to keep it flaunting for a more extended period.