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Main features of web applications

Main features of web applications

A web application is the ability to work interactively. It contains more complex functions and interface elements than a regular site. Therefore, in this article, we will learn everything about this type of development.

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Main features of web applications

How many types of web applications are there?

Web applications are divided into five large groups. To choose the right option that will best suit you, you need to consider all types.


They are developed in HTML5 and CSS3. Usually, they do not change their content. You can add motion to them using GIFs or videos. Ajax or jQuery are the recommended languages ​​for success. You should be aware that this type is usually used for sections that report on aspects such as company history and the like. To change it, you need to know the HTML language.


They are a logical development of the previous type. Every time the application is opened, it loads all the information it offers from the database. This data is updated each time the app is opened. It is common to use languages ​​such as PHP or ASP. Changes are made using the CMS panel. They are very effective for updating forums or databases. They can be customized to your liking.

Virtual store or e-commerce

Its internal structure is similar to e-commerce. The control panel must be enabled to facilitate loading and deleting items from the catalog. In addition, an efficient payment gateway and everything necessary to control units sold must be included. The administrator must give all possible attention to his management to update the commercial catalog daily.

Web site

This is the name given to a page that is divided into several sections. Forums, news, customer service, or access for registered users are some examples. The idea is to provide immediate access to each section from a mobile phone. This involves a lot of programming work and constant updating of sections.

Content manager

This is the preferred option for news sites or blogs that specialize in a particular topic. The site design has been updated. The application allows you to easily modify and create content using the desktop. Usually, already developed platforms and templates are used to create a web page.

Benefits of using web applications

There are many of them, and this is their best calling card for having such an important success over the past few years.

No need to update

Mobile phone applications must be kept up to date to use the latest version. But web applications do not require any effort on the part of users, as they are updated by the administrator.

There is only one version

The operation of smartphone applications depends on your operating system and its compatibility. Not in the web app. A single version is compatible with all operating systems and with any browser.

Just a backup

If you have a web page and an app, you need to back up both daily. With web apps, you only need to make one copy. In case of problems, you will be able to restore your site more easily.

Its ease of use

A potential client or user does not need to download anything to their device. You can access the page directly without any problems if you have an internet connection. A person is not required to have a specific operating system to access information. This advantage brings your offer closer to your potential customers, increasing its reach.

They share the features and image with the native app

There is no difference between downloading an application and using web applications. The same design is shared and the client gets the same speed. By improving ease of use, loyalty and the number of subscribers increase.

They are cheaper and easier to maintain.

This advantage is undoubtedly the most important. You do not need to order an individual application and renew it almost daily. By relying on a solid structure and an adequate way to modify content, you can work less and reap the same benefits.

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