List of Best Long-Lasting Lipstick that you can Wear in Party

Apart from the fact that lipstick makes us look beautiful, it also has certain benefits for our lips. Women who use lipstick have higher self-esteem than those who do not, this has been suggested by various sources. And it is that lipstick can do wonders and help our face look more alive and harmonious. It also has health benefits. In this sense, they usually contain factor 15 sunscreen. This is particularly relevant if one takes into account that the lips represent one of the areas most vulnerable to sun damage.

Furthermore, lipstick helps create the illusion that our lips are more sensual. This effect, in turn, allows us to show off a face with more defined and striking features. And remember to always wear lipstick for any event to always look beautiful. The most elegant lipstick boxes produced by renowned companies which give an instinct about their quality.

The fact that lipsticks have become an important makeup commodity, here is a list of top lipstick brand that are world famous for their long-lasting nature;

Lip Kit by Kylie

Kylie Jenner is the youngest daughter of the Klan Kardashian and since the launch of her line of lipsticks called Lip Kit by Kylie, she has not ceased to amaze with her innovative shades that are daring and trendy. For this summer, the firm brings us a color palette of grays, blues, wines and fuchsias; whose nuances have been gaining ground, becoming preferred by young women.

The formula contains emollient ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin. Its ultra-pigments give lipsticks a very striking color, as well as the thick appearance of the lips that everyone likes so much. Moreover, it leaves a soft texture and a delicate and smooth finish.

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Lipstick

Nothing is more evocative of a beach in summer than the Italian Zest collection by Dolce & Gabbana. Under which the Miss Sicily Lipstick produced. Which inspired by the sunny days of Sicily and where citrus tones mixed with bright ones.

It comes in a presentation of a black and gold case. Looking classic, very elegant, and in cheerful and fun shades. This moisturizing bar has moisturizing ingredients that will leave the lips with a moist effect, oils to nourish them. And special polymers to give it an intense color and maximum radiance.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Color

For the summer, the Max Factor brand launches the innovative Lipfinity Lip Color. Which composed of a duo that consists of a moisturizing bar which is the colored liquid. It comes in two tube-style cases with the addition of a curved dispenser. That provides precision and a crisp, beautiful finish to the lips. Its moisturizing ingredients allow the skin to appear smooth and with a bright and intense finish. In the same way, its long-lasting effect will make you look perfectly made up for 12 hours and without the need for touch-up. Making you look like transparent and very natural lips.

Guerlain KissKiss

The collection, KissKiss lipstick, which is hydrating and leaves a plumping effect on the lips with a dewy and appetizing appearance. It comes in a beautiful and luxurious black and gold custom lipstick boxes. Which engraved with the brand’s hallmark, in wonderful fashionable shades and adapts perfectly to all skin types. 

Its formula contains hyaluronic acid that keeps the lips deeply moisturized. Likewise, it has fragrances of vanilla, violet, and a subtle aroma of red fruits, giving them a velvety appearance.

Thus, whenever you chose to avail a lipstick brand, you can consider one of them.

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