Must-Try Shades of Blues for Your Walls

‘Blue is the sky and blue is the water. And everything in between is life.’ This most favorite color of the masses has time and again proven to be a classic. Symbolic of inspiration, trust, and tranquility; blue colors can be an opt choice for any corner or space of a house. In addition to bringing in peace, most people believe that shades of blue also facilitate spiritual consciousness and awakening. And since this pandemic has altered the age-old meaning of life for us, it is being observed that many people are turning towards adopting this color for their abodes.

Various industry giants like Indigo Paints, Asian Paints, and Berger, and so on have sensed this changing attitude and resultantly have sprung up with diverse tints of blue for bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and other spaces. A special mention here about Indigo Paints as they have proved to be extremely innovative and trendy in their color development. On the other hand, it is astounding to see the Asian Paints Price 20 Liters; how affordable and easy-on-the-pocket it is. In fact, Asian Paints Price 20 Liters is giving a tough competition to its rival in the category.

Here are a few ways to use blue in your living spaces:

  • If we are to explore the shades of blue for walls, the discussion has to begin with the mention of Greyish Blue. This combination of offbeat grey and vibrant blue brings out elegance and class like no other. Pair it up with some antique, old school furniture to give it a vintage vibe.
  • Royal Blue and White have been ruling hearts for ages now. The mystical oceanic horizon image it creates generates refreshing energy. Printed or patterned sofa and tabletops go well in contrast with this color palette.
  • Pastel Blues are the new game-changers. Though bright colors are more often preferred and considered appealing by one and all, the magic that pastel blues have cast lately is surreal. One of the most pleasant hues, it’s soothing, serene, and harmonious for the soul. Work towards making the walls more engaging and lively with the help of some peculiar and quirky wall decals or motifs.
  • The next in line is Greenish Blue. One of the most loved colors is this dainty and graceful fusion of green and blue. Both the colors are tinges of environment and indeed give a feeling of being one with Mother Nature. This turquoise hue can be glorified with the use of some contemporary, modern relics and art pieces.
  • One of the newest colors that has emerged to be this season’s hot favorite is Teal. This unconventional, strong color if put on the main wall with some base, neutral colors on the other can become a statement in itself. It uplifts the mood of the setting and creates a mystical ambiance.
  • Cobalt Blue and Yellow is also one of the most commonly found combinations across the world. Gentle, dense, and illuminated blue when fashioned with bright, warm, and glaring yellow brings about an exquisite balance that is absolutely delightful. With the right lighting solutions, these colors conjoined generate a high-spirited, buoyant, and artsy vibe. 
  • Another compound that is much sought after in the modern, urban setup nowadays is the union of golden and blue colors. Different largely shaped golden color motifs or asymmetrically cut out mirrors when put on blue walls define class, magnificence, and sophistication like no other.
  • And to sum up, it is the most customary combination of coral pink and blues. These two basic shades are assumed to be naturally bundled. And are expected to deliver crisp, young-looking, and enlivening experience.

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