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Home » Is Vinyl Wrapping Worth it? – We’ll Tell You Why And Why Not

Is Vinyl Wrapping Worth it? – We’ll Tell You Why And Why Not

Is Vinyl Wrapping Worth it

Vehicles are an important asset. They say a lot about you and your unique personality. If you’ve always wanted your car to be profoundly unique as you are, then wrapping is one of the best options you will consider. In this article, you shall know why you should wrap your car, and why not.

There are a lot of great reasons to choose a vinyl wrap for your vehicle. Let’s have a look.

Minimal Cost

The cost of a vinyl wrap is one of its most compelling features. Compared to a quality paint job, a full vehicle wrap will cost one-fourth of the price.

Low Preparation time

Painting a car is always a big job. From the prep work to priming, to the dry time in between coats of paint, it all is a task of patience. On one hand, if you wish to repaint your car, it may take several days or even weeks to complete depending on the quality and complexity of the job. On the other hand, vinyl offers you a much faster turnaround time. Making sure the car is clean and a design has been finalized are the major preparation tasks. Installing the wrap on the vehicle can be done in a day or two or sometimes in just a couple of hours.

Dynamic Options

Vinyl wraps offer a larger variety of color and design options than paint. Any wrapping option can be matched with car paint. Most companies do offer color-shifting wraps that transition from one color to another depending on the angle of the light. Each and Every color can also be given different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satin. Furthermore, you can wisely use vinyl wrapping for your car to mimic other materials like carbon fiber or chrome, etc.

It’s Always Removable

If you decide you want to go back to the original paint, the vinyl can be easily removed. This allows you to change the look of your car more often if you are more of an aesthetic enthusiast. Make sure that the gum quality of the wrap is better than exceptional otherwise, it may leave back some residues. However, it can be removed by using petrol and microfiber cloth.

Protects Your Expensive Paint

Wrapping your car with vinyl acts as a shield for your original paint. When it comes to selling your car, you can simply remove the vinyl to reveal the pristine paint underneath.

The downsides of wrapping your car with vinyl are somewhat limited but worth mentioning. Since customizing is an art and art has its equal time of hard work, let’s have a look shall we?

Higher The Price, the Better The Quality

Not all vinyl is ever created equal. You always get what you pay for. Sometimes for the best quality of vinyl wrapping, you might end up paying equal to or more than the cost of painting a car with medium-grade color. Worst of all, very low-quality vinyl can cause damage to your paint when removed. Nevertheless, make sure the vinyl you choose is top-notch quality.

It Is Not As Glamorous As Paint?

It can be proved that the depth and character offered by a high-quality paint job is superior to vinyl wrap. However, a nicely installed wrap, finished with premium vinyl, will match the appearance of great paint jobs and at a fraction of the cost.

Where Do I Find Vinyl Wrapping Stores?

As most of us have not come across vinyl wrapping shops, we might wonder where they are at. The truth is, the stores are limited, However, you can always ask your nearest automotive garage for any assistance regarding the location of the shops. The market for vinyl wrapping continues to enormously expand and many shops offer vinyl installation. Finding a good shop near you shouldn’t be that hard.