7 Ways to Increase Your Remote Employee Productivity

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to spread its wings across the globe. Remote working is seamlessly making its way into our lives. May it be employees or organizations; each one of us has our own unique set of challenges. Specifically, HR is playing a crucial role in making this transition smooth, not just for their organization but for their employees as well! 

While everyone is trying to adjust to a new paradigm, we are sure that as HR personnel. You would want to support your employees to resume and start working as they did at the workplace. However, this may require a little extra effort due to this sudden shift. But you need not worry as we have brought some amazing tips that will widely help you to increase employee productivity:  

Boost Your Employees to Create A Dedicated Workstation  

Work from home or remote working is now being accepted as the new normal. It is important that your employees have a dedicated place to work at their homes, away from all the noise and distractions. Encourage them to design their own workspace that enables them to concentrate and be productive more at work.  

Set Clear Remote Working Guidelines  

Make sure that you set clear expectations with your team to avoid any ambiguity or clashes in the future. Ensure that you have precise work-from-home guidelines, which include every aspect, such as response time, breaks, working hours, prioritization, etc. to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  

This will not just help them to plan their schedule better but also support them in accomplishing their deadlines.  

Equip Your Employees with Essential Technology and Productivity Tools  

It is the most critical and essential aspect that needs to be taken care of in a remote work environment. If you expect your employees to be productive at work. You need to first ensure that they have access to all the tools and technologies required to get the work done.  

Communicate Constantly with Your Team 

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship! And during these times of distress, it becomes even more significant that you stay in touch with your team constantly. Schedule daily check-ins or meetings not just to review the status of work but also to see if your employees are doing well.  

However, these conversations need not be about work always. Catch up with your colleagues and have a casual chat. Take a virtual coffee break and break the remote working blues.  

Be Open to Flexibility  

Give your employees flexibility by removing the restriction of working in the fixed 9 to 5 shift. Focus more on outputs yielded by your employees rather than analyzing the number of hours spent on a given workday.  

Giving your team, the flexibility to work outside, the standard shift will allow them to be more productive as they can now work when they are in the right headspace to do so and generate better outcomes.  

Trust Your Team! 

Especially in a remote working environment, it is very critical that you establish trust with your employees. Make sure that you communicate with them frequently and check if they need any help with the work. However, it does not mean that you keep spying on them constantly; instead, once you assign them with a project, give them the freedom to do it their way! 

This will not just assure that you trust them but also enable them to be more accountable towards their job. 

Facilitate A Transparent Culture with Regular Feedback  

Feedback is an essential and influential aspect of organizational performance. Providing appropriate feedback to employees will ensure that they are on the right path to attaining the goals. Acknowledge their growth and achievements through the journey. Guide them where they are falling short. This way, it will help the organization as well as the employees to grow together and reach new heights! 

We are sure that these tips will greatly help you improve your employee productivity and stay ahead of the curve! 

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