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Revamp Your Abode Walls With These Awesome Ideas

Revamp Your Abode Walls With These Awesome Ideas

Walls are an important structure of the house that can leave a long-lasting impression. It definitely cannot be left without giving due consideration as a house cannot look at its best if the colors or the decoration on the walls do not go well with the house interiors.   But it is always a big question that how can we spruce up an empty wall and make the house look extraordinary. There are many brilliant ideas that can be adopted to refresh your space.

Based on your personal style you can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste. There are innumerable options available and there is no limitation in customizing walls. Choose the things according to your taste and get surrounded by the things you adore.

Go for large art pieces

If a wall of your room has an oversized painting or photograph of your wedding. It will surely command the attention of the people who will visit your home. A small space will get enhanced with a big art piece. This can never fail to attract people’s attention and add positivity to space. Either go for a black-and-white photo or a vibrant abstract piece, both will look wonderful.

A gallery wall adds personality to a room and can also bring back old memories. A collection of art pieces can make the room look vibrant and alive and on the other hand, collections of old photographs take you back to memory lane. You can opt for simple frames of various sizes or mix things up. A collection of contemporary art pieces or paintings can also enliven the room. To make the room look large you can extend the gallery wall to the ceiling.

Add an accent wall in the room

Adding an accent wall to the room can enhance the beauty of the room. You can break the monotony of the room by adding a bright and bold color or using wallpaper to change the pattern, you can also use stencils, or other decorative paint patterns and make the accent wall look different from the other walls. Though these decorative accent ideas are not novel, it surely has a bigger impact in a small space. You can also order the wall accents online.

Add Fabric to the wall

A wall hanging with a multi-color pattern can also be used to add exuberance to space. It also adds a sense of softness to the room. An embroidered canvas, a rug, vintage scarves, or other pretty textiles can be used as tapestries.

Hang Mirrors of big size

A big size mirror in the room adds beauty to it and also makes the room look bigger, brighter, and better. Mirrors reflect light that makes the room look big. You can use an oversized mirror to decorate the room or differently shaped mirrors in a pattern to add a different look to the wall. Unique hand-painted mirrors can also be used as an option to decorate the room.

Paint a Mural

A mural is a painting that is painted directly on the wall and if you want to bring everyone’s attention to your room then nothing can be better than a mural. Get your favorite painting or artwork painted on the wall and dive into another world that will leave a great impact.

Install Shelves

The new beauty hack that you can do to your wall is installing shelves of different shapes and sizes.  Decorate these shelves with the collection of your favorite books or add small sculptures, hand-painted coasters, and other decorative pieces on the shelves.

Hang Plates

Hanging plates on the wall is a new brilliant way of decorating your space. Now, you can buy bone china plates not only as a part of your dinner but as a decorative piece as well.

Bring In Plants

 Plants are no more meant to be on your balcony or garden but they can add life to your room as well.  You can now hang the wall-mounted planters in your space and make your walls look greener and more beautiful.

Hang an Oversized Calendar

A large calendar works really well on the wall. It serves a two-way purpose. It not only keeps you updated with the dates but also makes the wall impressive. It works really well if it is hung on an office or kitchen wall and enlivens it. Try bright calendars with bold designs to add a pop of color.

Create a Basket Wall

You must have not heard it before but it’s a good idea to add baskets to your wall! You can use colorful or neutral-colored baskets with a variety of baskets in different sizes, colors, and textures.

Hang Your Television

 Hanging your television on the wall is a great way to free up your media cabinet space and enhance your wall. It changes the entire look of the room and the room looks impressive.