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Is Online Coaching Enough to Crack UPSC 2021 Exam?

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The IAS exam is one of the most prestigious as well as the toughest exams that is conducted by UPSC every year. This exam witnesses lakhs of aspirants from the overall country. Needless to say, the level of this exam is quite tough, and to crack this exam candidates need a solid preparation strategy. The UPSC 2021 exam is just around the corner. It is important to know that among lakhs of aspiring candidates only a handful of them are able to crack this exam each year due to the toughness level that it carries.

The UPSC preparation methods have evolved over the years and from attending classroom coaching sessions to online coaching the study approach has completely changed. Candidates often opt for UPSC courses online with the easy availability of the internet and smartphones.

Over the years, technology has become a man’s best friend enabling them to take full advantage of it and make day-to-day things easier. Similarly, there are many online classes that provide online coaching to prepare students for their government exams from the comfort of their homes. However, with the abundance of options available, students are in a dilemma to select the best online coaching for UPSC 2021.
In this article, we will discuss the benefits that online coaching has to offer to a student for their exam preparation and we will also answer the most trending question i.e. is online coaching enough to crack your UPSC exam?

Benefits of Taking Online Coaching for UPSC 2021

Flexible Timings

If you go for UPSC online coaching then you must know that you can take the classes anytime at your convenience. There is no fixed schedule, unlike a traditional classroom approach where you need to report to the class at a fixed time and dedicate a fixed number of hours.

Here you can save a lot of time traveling to the class and put the same amount of time into preparing for your exams. You can take mock tests, solve problems or memorize difficult concepts, it totally depends on you as to how you will make the most of your time. This also gives you the freedom to take responsibility for time management and complete your UPSC syllabus at your pace.

Personalized & Updated Study Materials

If you choose the best online coaching for IAS then the coaching will provide you with valuable and knowledgeable study materials. Study material is the most essential aspect that you need to crack your exam with good scores. If you have the right kind of study materials then you will be able to study easily and clear your exam on the first attempt.

The online coaching has updated study materials. For example, current affairs are regularly updated to make sure that students receive the latest information. Similarly, you can opt for any study materials that you like, either you can go for the UPSC courses or just take up their mock tests.

Here, the study materials are designed by subject matter experts who curate them in the most simple, engaging, and resourceful way. Hence, you can take benefit of personalized study materials for your exam preparation.

One-on-One Doubt Clearing Sessions

Online coaching will give you the benefit of clearing your doubts with your teachers on a one-to-one basis. The UPSC syllabus is quite vast and difficult so through online coaching you can instantly clear your doubts in the ongoing class itself. However, if you are the one who is shy to ask questions in the live class then you can opt for personal sessions with the teachers.

Also, you can expect 24/7 support and assistance from the teachers as you can simply drop your queries to them via emails or messages and they will answer them at the earliest.

Study at your own pace

With the help of UPSC online coaching, students will be able to study at their own pace. You must know that an online approach is much more flexible that allows you to take control of your learning schedule. The course contents are designed in a way that each audio/video can be watched again.

So even if you are not able to attend the coaching for a day or want to skip 1-2 lectures then you can do so. However, make sure that you study for the exams with full dedication and invest a good amount of time on a daily basis to complete the syllabus on time.

Cost-Effective Approach

Want to get ready to crack your UPSC exam but are low on budget? Don’t worry, with the help of online coaching you can easily prepare for your exams on a budget. You must know that most of the online coaching’s provide free access to courses while some charge money but at an affordable rate.

You can even customize your course and the related study materials i.e. you can go for either courses or study materials. The pricing plans are very pocket friendly enabling you to make the most of your learning without worrying about the budget. However, this is not the case in traditional classroom learning as candidates have to pay lakhs of money to get the right kind of guidance from the teachers.

You can consider the above-mentioned benefits to make a decision i.e. whether you want to go for UPSC online coaching or not. There are many upsides to the online coaching approach as you can save a lot of time and only focus on your exam preparation. We definitely suggest that with an equal amount of online coaching and self-study you can easily boost your UPSC preparation.

Clearing the UPSC exam is not a cakewalk hence you need the right kind of guidance and study materials beside you to help you clear the exam and score the best grades. Choose the best online coaching for UPSC 2021 and start your preparation with full dedication, and handwork and get ready to crack your exams with flying colors.