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Innovators in the Online Casino Industry

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Online Casino Industry

Online casino have been around for the better part of the last three decades. A success story that continues to this day. One of the ways in which they could achieve this performance was always going with the flow. Always adapting to the new technologies introduced, and always embracing the new devices that were added to the mix.

All software providers were continuously adopting the new but some companies always stood out with their bold approaches and innovative ideas.


Microgaming is one of the veterans of the online casino industry. Founded in the mid-1990s, it was among the first casino operators, later becoming a well-known software and solutions provider itself. 

The developer has started out with a proprietary platform with limited capabilities but continued to improve it over time. Over the years, it transitioned from downloadable programs to browser-based operations. Conquered internet-connected feature phones and smartphones. and even ventured into areas like smartwatches and virtual reality.

Today, Microgaming has a game library of thousands of titles. Both its own products and those developed by its partners. Independent studios that distribute their games through its platform. For decades, it has remained a steady presence in the industry, continuously pushing the borders of traditional online gambling.

Big Time Gaming

Online casino games are all built around the same basic formats. There are slot machines, table games, and lottery-type games. That maintain their rules and form across all developers and gaming outlets. Few are experimenting with completely new formats, and they rarely succeed. These formats may show up in a game or two and then disappear into oblivion.

Online Casino Industry

But there was one format that took root and has since been licensed by countless casino software developers. Megaways introduced by the Australian studio Big Time Gaming in 2016.

Megaways takes the randomness of slot machines to the next level. Instead of operating with fixed symbols and win lines, Megaways slots add them as variables. The size of the symbols varies (there can be anywhere from two to seven of them visible on a reel). And with it, the potential winning combinations to be hit.

The first Megaways slot machine a fantasy-themed game called Dragonborn. But it was a mining themed title, Bonanza that pushed it into the mainstream. Since then, countless game developers licensed the Megaways format (and some have tried to copy it as well). 

Evolution Gaming

Finally, here is one innovator that truly took online gambling to the next level: Evolution Gaming. The company emerged in 2006 with an ambitious goal: revolution in the world of online casino. It introduced live dealer games combining the accessibility and ease of use of a traditional online casino game with the personal touch of a table game played at a real-life casino.

Online Casino Industry

From a novelty, live dealer games went to a phenom. Today, they responsible for around a third of all the revenue generated by the iGaming industry. And they go beyond simple table games: Evolution and other developers also offer game shows (like Deal or No Deal) and other streaming-based iGaming experiences as well.