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In the Hug of the Morphean: How to Learn to Fast and Remain to Remember Fast?

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As you know, good sleep is a guarantee of health, good mood, well-being, when you have a maximum of rest and can work normally and even have time to check National Casino Promotions.

However, in the modern world, about 90% of people suffer from sleep disorders. Chronic problems with falling asleep inevitably affect the state of health, manifesting itself as serious illnesses: from fatigue, irritation, and distraction to depression, memory impairment, and even coronary heart disease. How can you prevent insomnia and protect yourself from its harmful effects, as well as learn to fall asleep and get enough sleep quickly?

Forget About Gadgets an Hour Before Bedtime

Before you go to bed, put your gadgets aside, let them rest until the morning with you. It is better to replace the phone with a light book with an unpretentious plot. It will help you relax, and monotonous reading will set you up for a sound sleep. 

Give Up Coffee and Tea

Caffeine, which is even higher in tea than in coffee, is an active psychostimulant, invigorates and eliminates drowsiness. So coffee and black tea are not the best drinks for those looking to get a good night’s sleep. 

Waste Energy

To fall asleep quickly, you need to work hard and exhaust your daily energy reserve. Physical activity is very beneficial for healthy sleep as it lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. A tired body is not familiar with the manifestations of insomnia and it easily plunges into the kingdom of Morpheus.

Relax Before Bed

Emotions received during an eventful day do not always help to calm down and forget about everything. Sometimes you need to help yourself tune in to a calm wave and free your head from annoying thoughts by using a relaxing technique that works flawlessly

Go For an Evening Walk

Do you want to fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep? Go for a walk! The benefits of walking in the fresh air are known to everyone: weight loss, improved blood circulation, strengthening of the cardiovascular system. While walking, you should not pick up a high pace and rush. Take your time and relax to admire the evening landscape, chat with loved ones about the past day or listen to unobtrusive light music on your headphones.