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Important Tips for Buying Morganite Gemstones

If you are on the fence about a Morganite gemstone, you’re not alone. While many women love the color and the unusual settings that feature Morganite stones, it can be a tough decision without having a real list of the pros and cons of the stone, which we are providing for you in this article.

First, a little about Morganite Gemstone:

It’s a semi-precious gemstone in the family of stones called Beryl. This is the same family that the aquamarine and emerald call home, too. It is often referred to as a pink emerald for this reason. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, the Morganite falls within 7.5 to 8 like the emerald as well.

When choosing a Morganite Gemstone, it’s an incredibly personal decision. Forums like The Knot and Wedding Bee are full of happy women who have Morganite gemstones and have never once regretted their decision. They’re also women who researched their options before purchase. As we talk about their pros and cons in this article, consider how they will fit with your daily life as well as how you are with gemstones in general.

Pros of Morganite Gemstone

Affordable: This beautiful gemstone is incredibly cheap, which means you are getting a prettier stone for your buck. Rather than buying a tiny diamond for a few thousand dollars, brides-to-be are now choosing to spend less and get a larger, prettier gemstone. It makes more sense to use that money towards the purchase of a home so that they can start a new life sooner.

Shiny and Sparkly: One of the biggest pros of the Morganite gemstone is the fact that it’s so shiny and sparkly. Whether it is in natural sunlight or overhead lighting in your home, the gemstone will catch the eye of everyone around you.
Unusual Stone: The delicate pale color of the stone is one that will garner a lot of compliments from the people you know as well as strangers. In fact, many wearers of Morganite gemstone have said they’re stopped by strangers who want to fawn over the gemstone. This might be a con depending upon how often you want to get stopped to be asked about your gemstone.

Beautiful Colours: Morganite comes in a range of delicate, light colors from light, pale pink to a lovely violet. The two most common colors are pink, and peach-pink or salmon-colored Morganites. Many women choose the more common pink Morganite for their engagement rings.

Cons of Morganite Gemstone

Require Regular Cleaning: One of the cons of having a Morganite gemstone is the fact that it seems to get dirty very quickly. Some wearers said that they have to clean the stone twice a week to keep it looking sparkly and beautiful. Others have said that they don’t have to clean the stone when they make sure to remove it when applying hand lotion. Luckily, the jewelry is easy to clean. Soapy water and a soft toothbrush will do the trick for you.

Needs a Sturdy Protective Setting: While the gemstone is a 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, that’s still more than a few points below the hardness of a diamond. The edges of the Morganite gemstone could chip easily if you banged it around on a daily basis. This requires a sturdy protective setting around the Morganite. A stunning alternative will be to use a halo of diamonds to protect the pink gemstone.

Varying Quality: The quality of the gemstone can dictate the price. There is no GIA certification for morganite to protect the customer, but some have other ratings that would help the customer to make a decision based on the quality. You should definitely go for the one that doesn’t have visible inclusions. Be cautious of the stones that are incredibly cheap since they are likely to have flaws.
Points to Ponder: Rose-gold is an actual metal color that will enhance the color of the stone itself. Even if you take another type of metal for the band, the jeweler can make a collet in rose gold, so you will still get the enhancement.

Tips for Buying Morganite Gemstones

Many Morganite gemstones are heat-treated to really enhance the color of the stone. Keep this in mind when purchasing. You might want a pale color as opposed to a more vibrant pink or peach. Heat treatment doesn’t diminish the gemstone in any way.

When going for Morganites in more than 2 carats, it’s crucial to ensure that the stone is appropriately protected in its setting. Don’t go for a ring with only four prongs. It will easily break or chip and potentially fall out of its setting.

Some people who purchase Morganite gemstones won’t wear them on a daily basis to protect the gemstone. Others are very careful with their gemstone, and it lasts for years without an issue.

But at some point in the life of the stone, it may have to be resurfaced or re-polished. For this, a professional jeweler should be contacted to perform that service. The Morganite gemstone can last for over 20 years without needing to be resurfaced.

Choosing a Morganite gemstone for your engagement ring is a decision that you’ll have to make personally. It would be best if you determined how hard you are on your gemstone, and whether you want to clean it twice a week. It is simple to make the cleaning part of your morning routine since it is quick and easy to use a small toothbrush on it.

Where to Buy Loose Morganite for Engagement Rings?

So where can you find a good collection of Losse Morganite for engagement rings? The following online gemstones or jewelry retailers have been vetted by us truly:

Gandhara Gemstones:

Gandhara Gemstones is the leading precious and semi-precious gemstone retailer with both online and offline presence, they have a sterling reputation in the industry and have an excellent modern purchasing experience. Check out their incredible assortment of Morganite gemstones.


Gem Select is definitely one of the larger gemstone retailers in general, but they have an extensive Morganite gemstone collection.

AJS Gems:

AJS Gems isn’t as well known, but they have now established a sterling reputation in the industry, with an excellent purchasing experience. Check out their collection of Morganite gemstones.

Gem Rock Auctions:

Gem Rock Auctions have some stunning gemstones and are typically featured in auctions. They actually do have an incredible assortment of Morganite gemstones.


GemPundit is another legally-established gemstone retailer with both an online and offline presence. GemPundit happens to have a healthy collection of Morganite gemstones online.