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ID Card Printer Buying Tips for First-time Buyers

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Identification cards are vital in business operations. Especially nowadays when they are used to distinguish employees, allow membership access, verify payment, track services, and more. No matter what purpose your ID cards are going to carry out. Having the right ID card printer in your arsenal can help you produce them better, faster, and easier. 

If you are investing in a new ID card printer, then don’t just buy the first one that you come across. That’s because choosing the right one can be intimidating and daunting. There are a couple of essential pointers that you need to consider to ensure that you are going to get your money’s worth and have access to something that is going to complement your business needs, preferences, and budget. 

Some of the most practical ones are elaborated on in the succeeding paragraphs. Read on for details. 

How will your ID card be used? 

Before buying an ID card printer, you need to know how the cards will be used. The uses of the cards will determine the information and features that your printer will need. 

For example, ID cards that will be used for facility access and visual identification require less data than credit and debit cards. Before buying a printer, write down the possible uses of the cards that you will print. 

Do you need to encode sensitive data on your cards? 

Barcodes and magnetic stripes can be added to your ID cards. If your cards are going to include sensitive data, go for the latter. There’s a reason why magnetic stripes are widely used in credit cards: they stand out when it comes to security. For instance, the data that they contain cannot be accessed without a dedicated reader. Plus, if encoded data are inaccessible, fake cards cannot be validated when swiped. 

How many cards do you plan to print on a regular basis? 

The quantity and frequency of card printing are important. Before buying an ID card printer ask yourself: Are you going to use your printer on a daily basis or only when your company has new hires? These factors are essential to determine if you are going to purchase a heavy-duty model (which is usually more expensive) or a simple, multi-functional one. 

Summing up

As simple as it may be, it should be noted that your ID card printer is crucial for business success. This is most true if you deal with sensitive data. If you want to get your money’s worth, make sure to take note of the practical tips and pointers in this write-up.