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Hygiene will Become a Different Core in the Post Covid world

The world has seen enough sufferings and loss of life in the face of Covid-19. Enduring a pandemic of epic proposition has left the world with a lot of lessons to carry forward. So, that we do not allow the worst experiences of such epidemics take such a massive toll on the humanity.

At least we must be in a better position to wage an effective war against such powerful microbes in future by improving whatever needs to be. In preparing ourselves to mitigate the risks of pandemics, hygiene is an important topic we cannot overlook.

However, we cannot approach hygiene in the same way as we have been doing for years till date. The lessons learnt from a pandemic ridden world has taught us we can no more compromise with the quality of our practices, materials and existing cleaning systems.

As an accomplished Nassau cleaning contractor, we are updating our systems. We know how to provide the most effective cleaning services in the post Covid-19 world for homes and businesses.

Eye-opening studies

A recent paper published in the American Journal Infection Control has revealed. That bettering the everyday hygiene can reduce the risks of common infections by about 50 percent. This will mean that the need for antibiotics will also come down by 30%.

Year on year, antimicrobial resistance claims a large number of deaths. Given this background, health experts around the globe are pressing for making home and community hygiene a strategy to fight such pandemic outbreaks effectively.

Ordered by the Global Hygiene Council, the paper has deeply examined the relevance of community. Home and personal hygiene and the way in which it can impact anti-biotic resistance.

A study conducted for this paper has found. That there was about 30 percent reduction in the prescription of antibiotics in scenarios where hand sanitizers have been used. Also, most prescriptions considered had been for a common respiratory infection.

Why personal hygiene must be maintained is due to the increase of new kinds of multi-drug resistant bacteria in communities. A fact that is highly concerning is that about 35 percent of common healthcare infections are found to be resistant to antibiotics.

This fact means that treating such infection in low-income countries can become a bigger challenge and a complicated affair as these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. This situation is taking a toll on around 2000 lives per day across the world.

Redefining the cleaning systems

The pandemic has taught us that we need to update our systems, materials, practices and strategies we depend on for cleanliness today. As a reputed Nassau cleaning contractor. We have a track record of providing the most satisfactory cleaning services to our clients.

When you bank on us for your cleaning needs, you are depending on a firm. That will let you access a world class cleaning system that is worth your investment. The right step of contracting the best cleaning services company will mean a definite step towards improving your cleanliness quotient.

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