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How To Write A Script For A Marketing Video That Can Engage People Sustainably?

Do you know what makes most marketing videos extremely boring to watch? No it’s not their animation quality, it’s the script!

A script for a video acts like its rudder. It narrates the whole story and it has the power to either mesmerize viewers or turn them off altogether.

A bad video script will make your video boring almost instantaneously boring.

So how exactly can you get a script that’s not boring at all?

Well no one can teach you how to write well or write humorously but what one can teach you is to avoid major pitfalls that make video scripts boring.

Here’s us listing all such major aspects that you need to avoid in your video script:

Using Jargons & Corporate Language:

Viewers use generalized language and when a video is not talking in the language of the common man, then it’s sure to turn off the user.

Videos that use too formal of a tone are the ones are the most boring of the lot. Jargons can be used sparingly in special type of videos like demo videos to explain a certain concept but you should either use them sparingly or don’t use them at all.

Make sure that your scripts can be understood by a layman and are easily digestible. The core idea of making a video is to ensure that it explains something complex in very easy terms and if you are missing out on that, then your video script will surely go bust.

Long Video Scripts:

A video should ideally be around 90-120 seconds. Any longer and the viewer’s attention starts to wane.

Countless studies have pointed this out but still many marketers make the grave mistake of making their video scripts far too long because they want to incorporate each and every detail in to it.

This is absolutely wrong. Keep your scripts short and ensure that they complement the visuals.

Brevity is your friend here and sure, it’s extremely difficult to cut concepts short to suit this timeframe, you will need to do this if you want your video to be engaging.

Incorporate Humor:

Scripts that incorporate humor in their mix by far create the most memorable videos ever.

Even if your video quality or execution is choppy, a humorous video can still save your day.

This humor doesn’t need to be rib crackling. A easygoing, friendly tone that manages to make people smile is enough here.

While writing humor isn’t easy, especially in video scripts, you can get the trick going by envisioning yourself as talking to a friend of yours when writing the script to get your humor flowing in the script itself.

Hire A Corporate Video Production Company:

Professionals who constantly write scripts for different brands know what type of scripts suit a diverse set of videos. You can have a go at writing the scripts yourself as well, but if you believe that you might not do such a great job, then you can hire a professional corporate video production company to do it for you. Not only will they produce a far better script but will also have a far better turnaround time than when you do it yourself.

If you are looking for such a professional agency, then you can hire BuzzFlick for the task, which has a dedicated team of extremely passionate scriptwriters who can create compelling scripts for your marketing videos.