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How To Send Certified Mail From Your Home?

Here are two methods to choose from:

Mail Services provides a special service called certified mail that you can use to prove that you mailed a letter or a package. This service issues a record that you mailed the item and includes a return receipt, which you can use to track the item’s delivery. In other words, when you send certified mail, you receive a mailing receipt with electronic verification of delivery.

Sending certified mail is easy. You can just use the United States Postal Service (USPS)’s online system to send certified mail online from your place or even your office. Since you can track your package, you’ll be able to know when it’s delivered to the recipient.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about certified mail.

Why Use Certified Mail?

Certified mail gives you reassurance and a sense of security when you mail documents. It also presents a solution for mail that’s time-sensitive or confidential, as it comes with proof of mailing and delivery. 

Moreover, it’s used for other reasons, including:

  • Mailing legal documents requiring proof that someone has been served legal papers via mail
  • Mailing financial information intended solely for your recipient
  • Sending confidential business or personal letters

Who Can Send Certified Mail?

Certified Mail

Anyone in the United States can send certified mail as long they’ve got an identification document.

How Much Does It Cost To Send Certified Mail?

The cost of sending certified mail depends on the weight and size of your package. The heavier or larger your parcel, the more it will cost to ship. The class of mail you choose also affects the cost. To find more information about how much it might cost, you can use the calculator on USPS’ site.

Preparing Your Certified Mail

To ensure your letter or package is properly certified, you should:

  • Have the proper postage stamp: Certified mail requires a special stamp with a return receipt requested and ‘Postage and Fees Paid’ printed. The cost for this stamp varies and is based on the size of your mail and the destination. If you’re sending a large package, the price can be high, so be sure to check with USPS before sending out any certified mailings.
  • Have the correct label: Get a label from your local post office. If you don’t have access to a local post office, you can order a label online at You can also buy certified mail labels from other online platforms.
  • Have the correct name and address: Ensure that both your recipient’s name and address are correct. You could get a disappointing lack-of-delivery report if you enter the wrong address.
  • Enter the correct return address: The return address is your home address. Avoid confusing the postal carrier with a misspelt street name, apartment complex, or home address.

Steps To Send Certified Mail From Home

Check out the USPS online platform if you want to send certified mail from home. You can download or get a certified mail form from your postal office. 

Here are two methods to choose from:

Here are two methods to choose from:

Method 1

You can get the mail carrier to pick up your certified mail at your home or office, or you can use your mail box. The following are some steps to take:

  • Write your letter.
  • Fill in your certified mail form 3800.
  • Fill in your return receipt.
  • Attach the barcodes from the certified mail form and the return receipt to your mail.
  • Select your mailing option.
  • Put the proper stamp and hand it over to your go-to carrier, or put it in your mail drop box.

Method 2

The second method requires an Internet connection. Its steps are quite simple:

  • Sign up with a platform that provides USPS-certified mail service.
  • Write your letter by hand or type it on a computer, then print it and sign it.
  • Scan the letter and sign it if you need to.
  • Upload the scanned letter or document to the online platform.
  • Fill in the necessary details (including the recipient’s contact details) as required on the platform.
  • Make a payment.

After you’ve paid, the service provider will send the document to the recipient as certified mail.

How Long Will It Take For Your Recipient To Receive The Mail?

Depending on where your mail is going and which method you use, it’ll typically take two to three days for the package to reach your recipient. Once they’ve received their certified mail, the recipient is required to acknowledge receipt of the mail, usually by signing. If the mail isn’t delivered for some reason, the post office sends you a notice to inform you.

Preparing Your Package

It will be a good idea to use an official-looking envelope and seal it with a window envelope. This will help keep your document safe from damage during transit and protect any sensitive information. For most documents, a standard paper envelope size will do. You can use a padded envelope or a box if your parcel is heavy.


Sending certified mail is a simple and effective way to deliver your letters and packages to your recipient and intended destination quickly. All you have to do is refer to this guide.