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How to recover your Gmail password?

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recover Gmail password

Have you lost your Gmail password? It seems like a huge problem, but it really isn’t! Google offers, in fact, a very effective tool for password recovery, in my opinion much better than that of other free mail services, and in this article we will try to understand a little better how to do it, offering you a quick and easy solution.

What to do?

This problem is, in fact, typical if you have forgotten the password used for access, which can happen especially if (as it would be correct to do) you use different passwords for all accounts. The solution is not to use a single password, be careful: doing so if an attacker finds out could access all our accounts. Using unique passwords is one of the most important things for the security of your account, and don’t worry if you have to forget or lose it because, as we will see, it is easy enough to recover it.

Procedure to recover the PW

In these cases, a specific recovery procedure must be followed. This is not complicated, you simply have to keep the name of the email address you want to recover and go to this address:

At this point you must select ” I don’t know my password “, enter the address ( ) you want to recover as access and click on ” Continue “.

Once this is done, a screen should appear asking you for the last password you remember, or (depending on the security level of your account) they may ask you the answer to a secret question you have set, the mobile number to send a Confirmation SMS and so on. If you don’t remember any password, click on ” I don’t know ” and be guided by the recovery procedure, which will automatically suggest the best thing to do.

In any case, you will have to try to confirm your identity. So, that you can confirm to Google. That you are the owner of the account and not an attacker who is trying to steal the account. There are various ways to do it, one of the most common is the answer to the secret question. That is when you have created the mailbox.

Recover your Gmail password

You will have set a specific question with an answer that you only know. In order to recover the Gmail account, you will need to enter the correct answer: before doing this. It is possible that Gmail will ask you for two dates. I.e. the date of the last access to the Google account and that of the creation of the account.

Both information is mandatory even if it is not necessary, in many cases, to indicate precisely these dates. Other information that may be required are:

  • contacts to which you often send emails ( email addresses, for example, a colleague or friend to whom you have written often);
  • other Google products that you have used with that account including, for example, Android, Calendar and Gmail;
  • if set, the answer to the secret question above.

Be mindful of all this information and, after a few tries, you should be able to log back into your account.