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How To Prevent Morning Hassles as a Parent?

Prevent Morning Hassles as a Parent (1)
Prevent Morning Hassles as a Parent

As adults, there are lots of responsibilities to attend to every morning. Hectic mornings may become even more stressful when kids are part of a household. Due to the difficulty in the mornings, most parents dread that time of the day. The morning also determines how the rest of the day goes as a parent. 

Preventing morning hassles may seem like a very difficult task, especially for new parents. Early morning disorganization has its effects on how effective the day becomes. Keep reading for tips and helpful solutions to prevent morning hassles.

Mornings Are Tough

Without a doubt, mornings are tough for both parents and kids. However, it’s still important to create a suitable routine and stick to it with a tight schedule. 

Due to the busy mornings, most parents want to delegate most tasks to nannies or other caretakers. Regardless of who handles some tasks, parents and kids still face lots of rush, especially if they wake up late.

Kids’ Mornings

For children, maintaining the appropriate routine every morning may seem difficult, especially during school periods. Kids need to wake up early, dress up for school, do morning duties like brushing teeth and taking a bath.

Parents should consider encouraging children about their morning routines the night before. Often, tough mornings for kids are due to certain actions the previous evening. For kids, evenings can be very stimulating with different activities like watching television that make bedtime difficult. Over time, stressful evenings or nights can cause kids to wake up late.

Parents Mornings

What makes mornings so busy for parents is the stress of getting kids ready and preparing for work. In most cases, parents also make breakfast and perform necessary morning duties like taking a bath or brushing. Parents may need to drive their kids to school.

As parents, it may take two tries to wake kids up in the morning. For this reason, many resort to opening curtains and turning on lights to get them awake. Note that the stress of handling a kid may vary depending on the child’s age.

Start the Day Right

Starting the day right requires following specific schedules. For proper organization of mornings as a parent, here are some helpful tips to follow:

Prepare the Night Before

Pack things up the night before to create extra time for morning activities. Ensure school bags, clothes, breakfast, and lunch for kids are in place. Parents also need to focus on developing good habits in their kids to reduce stress, especially in older ones. 

One of the primary ways of developing a good habit of preparation is by praising a kid. It’s helpful for parents to learn to compliment kids when they successfully take small appropriate steps.

Access to Important Items

Small items or accessories can easily become missing without appropriate planning. Before morning, parents should ensure they are accessible. For instance, items like glasses, bags, phones should be accessible at night before morning. 

If the child only has a few important items, get additional ones to ease morning hassles. Hence, check for more bags to purchase or some kids glasses sales online for more options.

Set Timers

Timers will help both kids and parents stay on time to keep appropriate routines. Parents can set timers on phones and other electronics, and using a timer proves to be one of the best time management skills for parents. 

Parents can give older kids responsibilities in the morning and set a specific time to complete those tasks. Apart from the benefit timers may have in morning routines, it also teaches children to work more effectively.

Give Kids Rewards

Rewards or incentives are key to making mornings better with children. Parents may decide to give short-term or long-term privileges. Most kids may also prefer an immediate reward to one that comes later. 

For example, a child that performs all his or her necessary morning routines without any interruption from a parent may earn additional 30 minutes of screen time in the evening.

Why Kids Don’t Like Early Mornings

Some kids may not like early mornings, which reduces their efficiency in such mornings. As a parent, it’s imperative to stay calm and understand why the kid doesn’t like mornings. Arguments can affect the relationship between a parent and the child, worsening the situation.

For the best outcomes, it’s advisable to speak calmly, stay clear about expectations, focus on the next steps, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Break-Off Disorganized Mornings

Morning hassles can seem very difficult to come out of, especially when kids are in the picture. If your kid has challenges getting out of bed, don’t handle the issue with conflict. 

Instead, it’s advisable to seek professional help if it points towards any impairment. Take the necessary steps to prevent morning hassles today and see a change.