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How to Prevent and Treat Appendix Problem


An appendix is a tube located in the lower quadrant of the abdomen, and it is about 3.5 inches long. The actual function of the appendix is yet unknown, but doctors have come to the conclusion that a person can function adequately without an appendix. Appendix as an illness is treated when it starts causing pain or appendicitis due to inflammation. Appendix inflammation can occur when the appendix gets blocked or infected, which if left untreated results in unbearable pain.

Appendicitis mostly occurs without giving any symptoms; therefore, surgery is the only way out to cure the disease. Hence, one should not overlook the pain because if not treated early the appendix may burst, which can be life-threatening. Let us now consider if appendix can be prevented and learn about appendix treatment options. If you want to know about these measures better scroll down the article till the end.

Appendicitis is unpredictable; therefore, there are no preventive measures or solution available for it. However, doctors advise intake of food that is high in fibre and reduce sugar intake. If you’ve a family history of appendicitis, there might be a chance of you developing the disease.

Treatment for Appendix

If you suspect of having an appendix, seeking the doctor’s help is the best way to diagnose and treat it. Appendix pain is unbearable, yet it is advisable to avoid taking any painkillers as it may delay the diagnosis. Also, avoid taking any food or water for the same reason and delay in diagnosis can increase the risk of a ruptured appendix. After the diagnosis, the doctor will proceed with surgery as there are no other options than to extract from the body.

Appendix surgery

While the patient is prepared for the surgery, the doctor will give him/her IV fluids to keep the body hydrated. The patient won’t be allowed to consume any food or drink as it may cause complications with the anaesthesia during the operation.

Nowadays, the commonly adopted surgical procedure is laparoscopy as against open surgery. Laparoscopy helps to conduct the surgery with minimum cut and helps in early recovery. The entire surgery is performed with the assistance of a small camera and monitor. The surgeon observes the condition through the monitor and removes the appendix with the camera’s aid.

Here is the procedure of appendix treatment, and the recovery period varies from person to person. The patients are allowed to resume the regular diet, but physical movements are restricted for a week or so. A visit to the surgeon after the surgery is required to inspect the operated area and to avoid catching any infection.

Above mentioned is a detailed write up about appendix; what it exactly is, how to treat it and what are the possible causes of developing appendix. As the disease does not give any recognizable symptoms, the wisest way is to approach a doctor as soon as the pain hits you. You will feel the pain in either corners of your abdomen, and this is a sign of appendix. Hopefully, this article could help you understand the disease and its treatment options. Make sure to refer to the article if you are diagnosed with appendix and to understand the treatment procedure better.