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How to Order Your Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

If you’re working with hazardous materials or in an industry which requires plenty of personal protective equipment, you’re going to need safety glasses. But what if you wear prescription glasses?

The solution to your dilemma is prescription safety glasses. These can easily be purchased online at a reasonable price. So, how do you go about ordering a pair of prescription safety glasses? 

Here’s a simple guide that will allow you to buy your new prescription safety glasses with a minimum of effort.  

Book an eye test

Before you can purchase a new pair of prescription safety glasses, the first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have a relevant, up-to-date prescription. Without a prescription, you will not be able to purchase prescription safety glasses online. 

Your eye test gives you an accurate indication of the health of your eyes. You’ll need to have your test carried out by a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist. 

Following your test, you will be presented with your prescription; this indicates the strength of the lenses you will require. Be aware that, while you might be required to pay for your eye test, you should not have to pay for your prescription. This should be given to you free of charge.    

The regularity with which you should book an eye test will be indicated on your prescription. This will be in months, with either 12 or 24 months stated. If you’re in any doubt, consult your optician. 

Choosing Your Prescription Safety Glasses

Once you’re in possession of a valid prescription, you can proceed with your online order. Begin by selecting a frame for your prescription safety glasses from the wide variety online. Alternatively, you can visit a high street store, though there may not be the same volume of designs available.

If you order online, you can usually expect to receive your glasses within a few days, depending on the lens options you have selected.

You’ll need to choose a frame that’s comfortable to wear, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time wearing it. Colour and style, although less important, may also be factors to consider. 

Next, you’ll need to choose the right prescription lenses for your frame. If you’re buying online, you’ll usually be required to use a ‘lens builder’ which allows you to customize your lenses.

One of the advantages of creating customized lenses for your prescription safety glasses is that you can add extra coatings or lens options to your order. And while you might not require tints in your lenses, varifocal lenses might be just what you’ve been after.   

Adding a prescription to your prescription safety glasses 

Once you’ve added your lenses (including any additional options), it’s time to enter your prescription. This might seem like a challenging thing to do, but it’s incredibly straightforward. All you need to do is transfer the information from your prescription into the on-screen boxes.  

You’ll need the following information 

  • SPH (Sphere) – this will be a + or – number and indicates if you are short- or long-sighted. The power of the prescription is dictated by the size of the number. 
  • CYL (Cylinder) – this will be a + or – number and refers to a condition called ‘astigmatism’ caused by an irregular, or rugby ball-shaped cornea.
  • Axis – a number between 1 and 180, this number relates to astigmatism and how much correction, in degrees, is needed.
  • Add – this will be a + or – number and relates to a reading addition, usually required for reading glasses

Once you’ve completed your prescription, it’s time to check out.

Anything else to consider?

Choosing the right pair of prescription safety glasses is very important. Not only do you require a comfortable fit, but you also need to be able to see clearly, meaning the prescription you input should match perfectly with that from your optician.