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How to Make the Most of Your Construction Methods?

How to Make the Most of Your Construction Methods

Construction methods are techniques used by contractors to erect a structure. The type of construction method used depends on several factors. One of these is the type of infrastructure being set up. For example, offices and buildings can be constructed using precast flat panel systems. 

Another factor affecting the construction method used is construction cost. If a construction project has constrained resources, contractors will use cheaper materials. For example, most housing communities in the country use the light framing construction method because it is more affordable.

Another factor affecting the construction method used is the availability of materials.

One way to make the most of your construction methods is to use technology. The best technology uses optioneering to help a contractor identify risk and optimize the allocation of resources such as labor and material.

When using ALICE during the preconstruction phase, contractors can identify ways in which a project can be implemented before it even breaks ground. When used correctly, the software will enable project managers to reduce labor costs by up to 14% and equipment costs by 12%. Contractors can also use the platform to estimate the speed of a construction method and approach.

In this article, we’ll go over what you need to know about construction methods.

Types of construction methods 

Popular construction methods include precast flat panel systems, cladding panels, and concrete walls and floors. When precast panel systems are used, they are usually designed in a third-party factory with specific measurements. The precast panels are then transported to the construction site using heavy machinery.

Precast panels are usually used when creating structures with repeated designs, such as office buildings and shopping malls. Other construction methods include:

Use of concrete walls 

Concrete walls are also known as cement floors. This construction method is used to build basements and industrial buildings. They are preferred for industrial facilities because of their low installation cost. Also, concrete has a low maintenance cost.

Timber framing

This construction method uses high-quality lumber. This method connects lumber to building frames, and the finish is done according to the client’s desired design. Timber framing is one of the oldest construction methods in the country. 

This construction method is popular in lumber-growing regions.

Heavy steel framing

Contractors use heavy steel to create frames for structures that require extensive structural support. An example of such a structure is when building dams and skyscrapers. Steal beams are produced in a factory and transported by trucks to the construction site.

How to make the most of your construction methods? 

Here are some ways to make the most of your construction method:

Real-time communication

Project managers need to invest in real-time communication tools to increase efficiency. When working on a large construction project, it becomes difficult to coordinate different teams on a construction site. However, real-time communication tools make it possible for contractors to give instructions to subcontractors directly. 

These communication platforms also make it possible for subcontractors to be held accountable. Without accountability, some construction workers might get paid for work not finished.

Always know your inventory

Project managers must ensure they have a record of all construction materials and equipment. This is important to avoid scenarios where no work was done because the company ran out of materials. If this happens, the construction company will go at a loss because the company will still pay for labor and the cost of leasing idle equipment.

Use data analytics

According to The Economist, the most valuable resource that the world has is data. Therefore, it is in the best interest of contractors to consistently use data to their advantage. There is a lot of data in the construction world. Contractors can use data to identify risks, speed up the construction time, reduce costs and identify inefficient workers. 

Contractors can also use data to know if they have a negative or positive return on investment. 

Don’t overwork your employees

Contrary to popular belief, overworking does not increase productivity. Instead, overworked employees feel demoralized, which has been proven to reduce productivity. 

Demoralized employees will increase the turnover rate of the company, affecting operations. Project managers should set regular breaks to increase productivity and compensate their workers competitively. 

Focus on employee training

Construction companies should hire qualified workers. Unskilled workers are a liability to the company because they may make costly errors. Also, they will be unproductive, which will cost the company. Skilled workers should be regularly trained in on-site safety and how to increase productivity.

Productivity can also be increased by using timekeeping technologies. These technologies will record the time a worker reports to and leaves work. When used with optioneering, these technologies can monitor workers who are not being productive. 

Use modern methods of construction

Architects should strive to design structures that use modern construction methods. One current method of construction is the use of modular or prefabricated structures. Modern methods of construction reduce costs and construction time. Modular systems are also safer to set up and are considered environmentally friendly.

Digitize the entire process

To increase efficiency, contractors need to digitize their entire construction process. The process should begin from the preconstruction phases till the project is handed over to the client. Digitization helps increase sales because of the creation of better bids. Also, documents are securely stored in the cloud, which protects them from getting lost.

In addition, digital companies have better brand equity than traditional construction companies that still use brown envelopes to make presentations.

Have key performance indicators

Lastly, construction companies can make the most of their construction methods by introducing key performance indicators. These performance measurements are used to encourage employees to be more productive. This is especially so if there are financial benefits attached to it. 

The key performance also encourages employees to arrive on time and develop problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, contractors must implement innovative strategies to make the most of their construction methods and the best way to do it using technology. Project owners can use technology to increase productivity, reduce risks, identify options, and reduce costs.