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Ideas and Inspiration for Hamptons Living Room

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Hamptons is a timeless style and choice of interior designers as well as homeowners. It gives a serene feeling when you enter a Hamptons room. But it’s luxurious even in its simplicity. What’s more, these colours are not location specific; they would look good everywhere, be it in villas for sale in chennai or anywhere else. Therefore, it is a practical style that combines beauty and functionality, never going out of style. Are you looking to design your living room in this style as well? Here are some ideas and inspiration for Hamptons living rooms.

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Shades of blues

Blue adds a calm look to a neutral-colored room while also breaking its monotonous feel. A dash of blue will add a touch of color to the room without making it too loud or bawdy but at the same time highlighting the architectural features such as the ceiling or flooring of the room.  You can experiment with blue ceramics or draperies or cushion covers or even a bouquet of flowers! It’ll give your living room a chic and elegant look.

Open Space

Opt for minimalist, unobstructive furniture in your open floor layout living room. This will allow the natural light in the room and make it feel airy and comfortable instead of claustrophobic. You can experiment with sleek accent tables to finish off the look.

Elegant rooms

If you wish for your living room to look more plush, you can opt for cozy seating and a color palette of neutrals, browns, and blues. You can get an ottoman-cum-table that will add to the exquisiteness of the room.

Rustic Elegance

If you want a more rustic touch, but still stay with the Hamptons feel, you can experiment with all white furniture over wooden-finish flooring. For a more sophisticated look, you can try white wood panels on the walls for texture or white wooden furniture. Add some texture through plants in the room and some earthy colours for accessories like cushions or throws.

Metal Infusion

What comes to our minds when we hear “Hamptons” is usually soft shades and cozy furniture. But you can always add a beautiful metal chandelier to add character to the room. It will balance the soft furniture and add texture in the room. This balance between the metal and the fabric will make your living room look very inviting and elegant.

Glamorous grey

Lately, there has been a rise in the use of shades of grey in neutral color palettes. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then take your Hamptons living room to the next level by infusing grey shades in your design. You can have grey beams on the ceilings and grey sofas. To balance it, you can opt for a wooden table that will add a hint of rustic to the room.

Consider the size and shape of your room and you can start experimenting to create your own Hamptons-style living room!

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