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How to Make Extra Income Apart from Salary?

Make Extra Income Apart from Salary

Press pause – rewind a few years – let us just say, 20 years. Picture life, how was the cost of living? Simpler than today, right. But honestly, we kept complaining back then too. Life was simple, though we worked more than eight hours a day, it was still the same. It is natural for us to want more income. So here are a few tips to make extra income.

Here are 12 Side-Hustles You Could Give a Shot

1) Take Up Tutoring

Again if you think becoming a tutor means you got straight A’s in high school and college. It all comes down to what you know and how well you know it. Tutors are hired by online tutoring firms to share their knowledge with students on a wide range of topics.

2) Start Investing

Saving and investing are two different concepts if you must know. So, go ahead and start investing. Invest in the share market or in starting your own business, and watch your other source of income come into play.

3) Get Creative

You have the creative abilities, but you haven’t been able to connect with someone who needs your excellent work. Some websites link freelancers specialized in writing, editing, graphic design, and voice-over work with customers in need of creative brains. You’ll build a profile (similar to a resumé) that prospective employers may read to learn more about your experience, rates, and specializations. Prepare to let your imagination go wild!

4) Heard of Affiliate Marketing?

Website owners, social media “influencers,” or bloggers use affiliate marketing to promote a third party’s product by putting a link to the product on their website or social media account. Amazon is the most well-known affiliate partner. And Instagram has grown into a massive platform for people seeking to build a following and advertise their businesses.

5) Have you Thought About Creating an App?

Creating an app might be a way to make that initial time investment and then reap the benefits over time. Your app may be a game or one that assists mobile users with a difficult task. Users will download your software after it is made public, and you will be able to earn money.

6) Make a Bond Ladder

A bond ladder is a collection of bonds that mature at different periods over the course of several years. The staggered maturities help you to reduce reinvestment risk, which is the danger of reinvesting your money when bonds pay too little income.

7) Rent Out Some Useful Items

Here’s one alternative to renting out an idle car: Begin even smaller with additional home things that people may use but are likely gathering dust in your garage. Lawnmowers? What about power tools? What about machine tools and a toolbox? Large coolers or tents? Looking for high-value products that consumers require for a short period of time and owning the item may not make sense. Then devise a method for consumers to find your merchandise as well as a method for them to pay for it.

8) Offer a Service

Starting a service business does not require a huge network, an internet presence, or a lot of money. The simplest approach to begin is to inform individuals in your existing network about what you’re giving and encourage them to spread the word.

9) Give Some Thought to Real Estate

Being a landlord isn’t always feasible for people who work full-time and are already constrained for income. Instead, consider purchasing an apartment or modest property in another nation as a holiday hideaway. Even if you employ a local property management company to handle renters while you’re away, the cost is usually lower.

10) Manage an Event

You can make money hosting events without expecting thousands of attendees, vendors, or high-profile guest speakers. Instead, start a free Meetup group on a topic you know about, such as growth hacking, and provide free events.

11) Showoff Your Animal Love with Pet Sitting

Do you have a soft spot for animals? How about earning some additional cash by just walking a dog or boarding a cat for the weekend? You may promote your pet-sitting company on social media, put up posters in your area, or create a website.

12) You can Start Blogging

If you have anything to say, chances are someone will read it! The nice thing about having a blog is that you can focus on almost any topic you choose. Create a food blog if you’re an excellent cook. Or perhaps fashion is your actual passion. Start a health blog if you’re interested in exercise and nutrition.


Now that you know how to get additional money, you can try a couple of these and see if you can make a little fortune. And if you start bringing home more money, make sure you’re making the most of it by budgeting! It might be a little hard to shuffle a few things together with your full-time job at the beginning, but sooner or later, you will start getting a hang of it and also enjoying the perks that play your finance’s sidekick.