How to Make Aluminum Doors and Windows?

How are aluminum doors constructed? The aluminum is melted and poured into molds, creating long bits of the frame, then cut to size. The glass panels are fitted, and the aluminum frame is joined and finished.

Consumers rarely get an insight into just what goes into making an aluminum window or a door.  The process is complicated, highly technical, and involves some of the most sophisticated methods and machinery. Many different operations take place to create a crafted window or door from the raw aluminum billet to the home’s finished window.

How a Quality Window is Produced?

How to Make Aluminum Doors and Windows

A unique aluminum systems company that carries out the entire process itself.  Other aluminum systems companies can rely on external aluminum extruders, polyamide thermal break insertion, and the painting of aluminum extrusions. The Runcorn facility is an advanced and high-tech operation that produces quality aluminum extrusions made into superior aluminum windows, doors, and other architectural aluminum products. All processes follow established industry standards, quality certification processes, quality management systems, and environmental considerations.

How You Create A Quality Aluminum Window with Below 7 Best Processes?

Seven critical processes take place to create a window or door that will enhance a dwelling or a commercial building.

Projecting the Aluminum

A product portfolio is over 1500 different profiles.  The aluminum billet is heated and placed onto an extrusion press – a substantial piece of machinery and engineering. It is passed through the die and goes through several processes to ensure it is straight, healthy, and required.

Covering the profile

Most door and window profiles are insulated with a thermal break to make them energy efficient and minimize heat and cold transfer.  Two separate profiles rolled onto a unique polyamide thermal barrier.  This latest thermal break technology also enables aluminum to be powder coated a different color inside and out if desired.

Super Durable Polyester Powder Coating

As the most routinely used powder coating, polyesters provide excellent value for the money. The most commonly used polyester powder forms are TGIC and non-TGIC. Both provide superior impact resistance and flexibility, good mechanical resistance, and good chemical resistance. It does have a low cure temperature, however, which makes it more suitable for sensitive components.

They are easy to use in part due to their overbake resistance to yellowing. You can expect between 1 and 3 years of substantial UV resistance with standard polyesters, making them beneficial for various interior and specific exterior applications. There is a wide range of colors and gloss levels, and special effects available in standard polyesters. They are a common option utilized in many applications.

Packing Step

Advanced packing machinery wraps and protects the aluminum profiles.  After that, it placed special stillages for stock holding or direct delivery.

Do Well Fabrication of Aluminum

Some products manufacture at Kawneer; others are fabricated by a network of experienced and approved Kawneer fabricators all over the USA.

Products like the tried and tested Kawneer doors, such as the 190 Narrow Stile Kawneer Commercial doors or the super-robust Kawneer 350 Heavy Duty Door products, are fabricated at Kawneer as they are welded products.  These are cut and machined, welded, and powder coated before being shipped out in protective packaging on Kawneer’s dedicated delivery fleet.

A few products manufacture via the leading company; others are fabricated by a community of skilled and professional fabricators at all locations. Like the tried and relied-on doors, which include a hundred ninety slim Stile commercial doors or the extremely good-strong 350 Heavy-duty Door products, these products are fabricated with the organization’s aid as they may be welded products. Those are cut and machined, welded, and powder lined before being shipped out in shielding packaging on a dedicated transport fleet.

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