How to install and activate tubi tv on lg smart tv using

Now LG smart tv become most popular for their wide range of support device. They are now support many devices with new technology. You can install tv channel apps on the smart tv and start watching. You can install webOS apps and other apps like Netflix, tubi tv, amazon, hulu and enjoy the unlimited streaming of the web series. User can activate tubi tv on lg smart tv and watch unlimited content using tubi tv subscription.

This article is designed to help you in installing and activation of tubi tv on lg smart tv. Tubi tv episodes makes your day full of colors. I am sure you will not get bored with it. So, let’s start with the steps to install and activate tubi tv on lg smart tv using

What is tubi tv?

Tubi tv is the service of fox company which is a free streaming service and totally relies on the ads. It’s main source of income is the earning by showing ads to customer. It has a lot of video content that makes your day.

You can enjoy the unlimited video streaming anywhere on any device like phone, smart tv and pc. You can enjoy it for free on apple tv, xfinity x1, Samsung smart tv, lg smart tv, and firestick. It is completely legal and free to stream.

How to install tubi tv on lg smart tv?

activate tubi tv on lg smart tv

All the lg smart tv now coming with web os, which you can download and install from the smart tv app store directly. So, now follow the steps given here to install tubi tv app on lg smart tv:

  1. Firstly, go to the screen and click on system launcher, click on “home” button to get the tubi tv on lg smart tv
  2. Click on the more apps and find the tubi tv app from the list.
  3. When you found the app click on the tubi tv app to install on lg smart tv

How to Activate tubi tv on lg smart tv?

  1. After successful installation or activate tubi tv on lg smart tv, login with tubi tv account email and password.
  2. Open any web browser
  3. And, visit to install and tubi tv activate on lg smart tv.
  4. Generate the tubi tv activation code on the lg smart tv.
  5. Enter the tubi tv activation code on
  6. Your activation is complete. Now, you can start streaming the tubi tv episodes, shows, and movies freely.

How to change the tubi tv password?

  1. First of all, you need to sign in the tubi tv account with the existing login details. So, you can change the password or email of the account.
  2. Click on upper right corner and go the account settings to change the details.
  3. From the settings page you can change the password and also able to change the email through with you created the account.
  4. Enter the new email and verify it or you can change the password here. And click on update or save to update the changes.


You can watch tubi tv on any smart tv. All the smart tv are now coming with the feather of app installation. You just need to activate tubi tv on your gadgets using tubi tv activation code. You can generate the tubi tv activation code using code.

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