How to install an undermount ceramic kitchen sink?

Blanco Ceramic sinks provide you smooth, uninterrupted surfaces as it fits underneath the work surface. It gives your kitchen an exclusive appealing aesthetics when installed with wood, granite, or other solid surface worktops. The minimalist edgeless design format makes clean up and maintenance less time taking task.

Proper installation of the Franke sink is important and requires a specialist installer. With stainless steel, that is much lighter in weight, small clips for installation can be used. But for the installation of a ceramic kitchen sink, that is heavier, you will need fixing clips.

General Instructions:

1.    Before the installation begins, inspect the sink. In case of any manufacturing or shipping damage, do not install the sink and contact the store from where you have purchased the sink for replacement of the unit.

2.       For any damage to the countertop during installation, Franke accepts no liability.

3.       Franke recommends using custom-built cabinetry, as ceramic sink may vary in dimensions because of the nature of ceramic sink manufacturing. Consider hiring an experienced cabinet maker for custom-built cabinetry or to make alterations in the existing cabinet.

4.       As ceramic kitchen sinks vary in dimension, Franke does not provide any cut-out templates. Provide the actual sink unit to the cabinet-maker to make sure the sink and cabinet fit properly.

5.       Construct a wooden frame that can support at least 300 pounds to support the load of a heavy ceramic sink. 

6.       Do not lift the sink without assistance to avoid personal injury.

Easy steps to install Blanco Ceramic sink:

Build a wooden support frame: build a wood frame to support sink toward “A” as shown in the picture.

Design a sink template

follow these instructions to prepare a template

1.       Take a paper and pencil and then place the sink on paper upside down. Now trace outside rim dimensions of the sink on paper using a pencil.

2.    Measure the sink dimensions using a measuring tape. Make sure to measure dimensions at several sink locations around the perimeter to get precise dimensions.

3.    Add up 1/4″ to the measured nominal dimensions for the overhang of the countertop.

4.    Now draw a trace line inside the trace line by setting up a compass to the sink rim width plus ¼”.

5.    Now carefully cut out the template by cutting at the innermost scribe line.

Preparing countertop for sink Installation:

1.    Place the template on the top of the counter at your desired location and centre it to the sink base cabinet unit.

2.    While positioning template on a sink base cabinet unit ensure you have made provisions for the faucet and other fittings.

3.    Use a pencil to trace out the template outer edge at the cabinet unit and then cut-out the sink opening, following the traced line.

 Prepare the sink for installation:

1.   To make the installation process easy to install strainers as the accessibility of sink from all sides makes it easier to install strainers at this point.

2.    For easy installation, it is recommended to install sink faucets and other mounted deck fittings at this point as the sink will be accessible from all sides to make the installation process convenient.

Sink installation:

1.   After the installation of strainers and sink faucets, place the Franke ceramic kitchen sink carefully at the wooden support frame.

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