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How to Fix Your Missing Teeth With the Help of an Efficient Dentist?

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Tooth loss in adults is a serious medical issue. If you miss a tooth and feel shy to smile wholeheartedly, you may go for dental implants in San Antonio. Dental implants are recognized as one of the most effective and convenient solutions to missing teeth. For optimal dental care, it’s essential to use high-quality dental suction tips. You can explore a variety of options at My DDS Supply, a reliable source for dental supplies that can enhance your overall dental experience.

They act as an anchor for a replacement tooth or crown or a set of replacement teeth. If done correctly, they can surely make you look natural without bringing discomfort and pain to neighboring teeth. Many people experience the loss of an adult tooth by age 50 or 60 due to accidents, oral trauma, tooth decay, or other reasons. Aside from leaving a gap in the smile, a missing tooth might lead to your facial structure looking deflated near the mouth and checks. Thus, the face looks sunken, and the jawline may move. Dental implants are the best way to deal with this situation.

First of all, the professional dental San Antonio experts will evaluate the missing tooth and figure out the problems before recommending any solution. They will bring their expertise and skill in ensuring that the integrity of your oral health is fully maintained.

Dentist in San Antonio for Dental Implants

What Causes Tooth Loss:

There are many causes of tooth loss. Usually, as a child, every person grows twenty baby teeth by the time they reach three years of age. As they grow a little, these baby teeth come loose and fall out. In some instances, a person might be born without that tooth in the first place. You may run into a dental problem if an adult tooth does not break through to replace the fallen baby teeth. Many people lose teeth in an accident as it causes dental trauma, thereby knocking a tooth loose. While these are a few isolated incidents, most Americans face the most common dental problems are tooth decay and gum disease. Ignoring them can lead to inflammation and recession of the gums. In severe cases, gum disease attacks the root of the tooth and the jawbone, which causes the tooth to lose its support and come loose, dislodging from the jaw. This can lead to some significant side-effects as the following:

Effects of a Lost Tooth:

Teeth are all dependent on each other; every tooth has an important role to play. A gap in the teeth makes you look unattractive and disrupts the functions of other teeth. As a result, you experience stress, bit issues, grinding, and more. Leaving the issue untreated can lead to a massive problem. Opt for the best dentist in San Antonio who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. An unaddressed dental issue can cause one or all of these discomforting issues:

Ability to Speak:

Speech is usually the first thing that is affected significantly when you lose a tooth. Since all teeth are dependent on each other, a missing tooth can cause disruption in other’s function, causing you to pronounce differently. Sometimes, as a result of a missing tooth, you end up mumbling something that nobody can catch on to. With cosmetic dentistry, you can get the structural integrity of your mouth.

Bite Alignment Issues:

As you lose a tooth, the remaining begin to lose integrity and shift due to chewing and speaking. As a result of chewing and speaking, you feel pressure builds upon other teeth, causing them to shift and move into the place of the lost tooth.

Susceptible to Gum Disease:

The gap caused by the missing teeth entraps food and bacteria and causes infection of the gums. If you don’t take care of your oral health through a proper oral care regimen such as flossing, mouth rinse, and regular brushing, you are sure to develop gum disease along with many other problems.

Less than Flattering Appearance:

If you lose a tooth from the front of the mouth, you may fall short on self-confidence and refrain from talking to others. This might cause misunderstanding in others as they might not take your sunken expression well. Over time, this can spiral down into severe depression and unwillingness to go out. Gain back your confidence and also make your teeth feel good with cosmetic dentistry charlotte.

Options for Replacing Lost Teeth:

Dental San Antonio to Fix Your Missing Teeth

Dental Implants:

The use of dental implants has gained popularity over the last decade and for a good reason. Through modern dental implants in San Antonio, you can get back your smile. They offer a permanent, distinguished solution to restore the structural integrity of your teeth. The entire treatment is carried out in several steps requiring precision and professionalism. The expert dentists are fully equipped with advanced tools and techniques to ensure that the implant fit and function perfectly. An implant has plenty of advantages compared to other alternative treatments. While other methods might impact the neighboring teeth, a dental implant is freestanding. It helps strengthen your jawbone by combining it with the remaining bone. If done correctly, they can last a lifetime without bringing any discomfort and pain.

Fixed Bridges:

Although bridges are older technologies, they offer a more economical solution. It uses a frame holding a false tooth that gradually bonds with the neighboring teeth and stabilizes. To add a little more strength to it, you may consider Implant Bridge, which utilizes dental implants. Depending on how many teeth are missing, implants can be inserted, and the bridge frame can be attached there.

Full or Partial Denture:

The concept of dentures has advanced and evolved from what it used to be. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, Dentures might be a more economical option, at least on the front. It’s crucial to remove and clean them often and apply adhesive to secure them in place. This can be a little messy. However, this is the most feasible option you can go for if you cannot afford it.

In case you require emergency dental care, you may call an Emergency Dentist in San Antonio for immediate treatment. With expert dentists in San Antonio, you can find a solution for your missing teeth that matches your need and budget.